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Shows with SPURIOUS or CANCELED in the Status field did not happen.
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Date Line-up Concert recordings
January-February 5c recordings in circulation
September-December 5d recordings in circulation

DateCityStateCountryVenueShowsStatusOther actsCommentsSources
77/01/13 Copenhagen
Denmark Falkonerteatret 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stubs. jn, vd, bhdws, gr
77/01/15 Stockholm
Sweden Konserthuset 2 shows CONFIRMED
confirmed by venue employee. jn, vd, btzt, sepc, gr
77/01/16 Oslo
Norway Ekeberghallen
ticket stub. not 01/22. ebpc says FZ did not return to Norway until 1979. ebpc
77/01/21 Gothenburg
Sweden Scandinavium
poster and ticket stub. jn, vd, jdpc, frd, gr
77/01/22 Oslo Norway SPURIOUS
correct date is 01/16. ebpc says FZ did not return to Norway until 1979. vd, ebpc, gr
77/01/23 Helsinki
Finland Kulttuuritalo 2 shows

vd, juhpc, gr
77/01/24 Hamburg
Germany Congress Centrum Hamburg
tour listing and ticket stubs. jn, vd, rgopc, jszpc, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/01/25 Neunkirchen am Brand
Germany Hemmerleinhalle

near Nuremberg. hfpc says they didn't play there that year, but kcaffz says he attended. not listed in S+S. vd, jnpc, ukaffz, hfpc, kcaffz, S+S, gr
77/01/26 Munich
Germany Olympiahalle
tour listing and ticket stub. jn, vd, hfpc, frd, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/01/27 Duesseldorf
Germany Philipshalle
tour listing and ticket stub. jn, vd, hpspc, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/01/28 Brussels
Belgium Vorst Nationaal
ticket stub. jn, vd, chcpc, frd, gr
77/01/30 Wiesbaden
Germany Rhein-Main-Halle 2 shows CONFIRMED
tour listing, ticket stub for 6:00 show. jn, vd, ezpc, frd, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/01/31 Boeblingen
Germany Sporthalle
tour listing. jn, vd, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/02/02-03 Paris
France Pavillon de Paris
ticket stubs for both dates. jn, vd, mgapc, frd, gr
77/02/05 Amsterdam
Netherlands Jaap Edenhal
review has date. ticket stub has date but no band or venue. not 2/25. jn, vd, jlspc, Oor, pbepc, unzc, gr
77/02/06 Cologne
Germany Sporthalle
tour listing and ticket stub. jn, vd, frd, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/02/07 Berlin
Germany Deutschlandhalle
tour listing and ticket stub. jn, vd, rompc, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/02/09-10 London
UK Hammersmith Odeon
listings. ticket stubs for 02/09 (vd, hpspc) and 02/10 (frd, hpspc). jn, vd, ns, frd, MM, hpspc, dgrpc, S+S, gr
77/02/12 Stafford
UK New Bingley Hall, County Showground
poster, listing, and ticket stub. venue known variously as Bingley Hall (ticket) or New Bingley Hall (poster). vd, ns, pz66, MM, stbpc, gr
77/02/13 Glasgow
UK Apollo Theatre
listing and ticket stub. jn, vd, ns, MM, gaws, gr
77/02/14 Edinburgh
UK Playhouse Theatre
ticket stub and listing. jn, vd, ns, jdpc, MM, gr
77/02/16-17 London
UK Hammersmith Odeon
listing. jn, vd, ns, MM, gr
77/02/25 Amsterdam
Netherlands Jaap Edenhal
probably error for 2/05 jn, vd, gr
77/09/08 Tempe AZ
Activities Center, Arizona State University
listing. not Phoenix proper. bl, kdkb77, elbws, jamzt, PAR, dgrpc, SDP, gr
77/09/09 San Diego CA
Open Air Amphitheater, San Diego State University
not UCSD, according to jme bl, jn, vd, ns, jme, klpc, SDR, gr
77/09/10 Las Vegas NV
Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts
Ron Nehoda's obituary in Variety. pnpc, Va, gr
77/09/11 Tucson AZ
Community Center Arena
ads, listing, and review. bl, Va, jampc, TCi, dgrpc, gr
77/09/13 Austin TX
Armadillo World Headquarters 2 shows CONFIRMED
poster. review in Bu (4/78!) has no date. johpc, rgpc, fopc, fdi, klpc, Bu, pz
77/09/14 Houston TX
Music Hall 2 shows CONFIRMED
review. ticket stubs (for 7:00 pm show) have day of week, no date. gblpc, frd, rgrpc, hrws
77/09/16 Dallas TX
Convention Center Auditorium
reviews, radio ad, and untorn ticket. venue formerly known as Memorial Auditorium. ticket says Convention Center Arena. rdapc, gmeb, klpc, DMN, DTH, Bu, frd
77/09/17 Baton Rouge LA
Assembly Center, Lousiana State University
ticket stubs. frd, appc
77/09/18 Atlanta GA
Fox Theatre
ticket stub. bl, jn, frd, gr
77/09/20 Des Moines IA
Veterans Memorial Auditorium
CONFIRMED Point Blank review. poster has day of week but no year. not 78/09/20. bl, pnpc, pz153, arpc, DMR, gr
77/09/21 Mount Pleasant MI
Rose Arena, Central Michigan University
CONFIRMED Ram Jam ticket stub, review. mbeapc, jnpc3/2/98, pbpc
77/09/23 Champaign IL
Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois
confirmed by venue archives. jn, vd, skupc, gr
77/09/24 Iowa City IA
Field House, University Of Iowa
article. ticket stub has no location. venue from attendee. on 77/09/25 Bloomington tape, FZ mentions playing in Iowa City last night. bl, jprpc, swpc, arpc, DMR, gr
77/09/25 Bloomington MN
Metropolitan Sports Center
ad and review. a.k.a. Met Center. near Minneapolis. venue demolished in 1994. jnpc, klpc, MD, ywws, kbrpc
77/09/27 Milwaukee WI
Milwaukee Auditorium
ads, listing, and review. klpc, BA
77/09/29 Toronto Ontario Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
ticket stubs. bl, jn, frd, nsspc, gr
77/09/30 Detroit MI
Cobo Hall
ticket stub says "Cobo Arena". bl, jn, frd, gr
77/10/01 Carbondale IL

preview article and ad. Homecoming. dgrpc, CSI
77/10/02 St. Louis MO
Quadrangle, Washington University
ticket stub. not november. bl, jn, vd, ns, gmrpc, gr
77/10/05 Columbus OH
Veterans Memorial Auditorium
ticket stub. poster has no year. gr has 09/xx. bl, hbpc, pbpc, frd, gr
77/10/06 Buffalo NY
Memorial Auditorium
ticket stub. frd
77/10/08 Allentown PA
Memorial Hall, Muhlenburg College

General admission $6.50 in advance jnpc, bpc
77/10/09 Cleveland OH
Public Hall
review and ticket stub. not September. bl, srupc, Sc, ra1eb, gr
77/10/16 Miami FL

next day in connecticut. correct year is 76/. vd, rbupc, lkpc, gr
77/10/17 Hartford CT
Civic Center
ad and ticket stub. bl, jn, mtrpc, klpc, frd, gr
77/10/18 Poughkeepsie NY
Mid Hudson Civic Center

hyphen in venue? bl, vd, gr
77/10/20 Boston MA
Music Hall 2 shows CONFIRMED
ads and listing. bl, jn, BP, gr
77/10/21 Portland ME
Cumberland County Civic Center
ticket stub (with some missing details supplied by ticket holder). from ccccws: attendance = 6263. bcpc, klpc, ccccws
77/10/22 Montreal Quebec Canada Forum
ad, ticket stub, preview article, and review. bl, jn, nhpc, ccpc, dgpc, MG, klpc, MS, gr
77/10/23 Pawtucket RI
Leroy Concert Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
ads. ticket stubs for early show. bl, BP, rirws, gr
77/10/24 Philadelphia PA
Spectrum Theater
ad. bl, jn, Aq, gr
77/10/26 Quebec Quebec Canada Colisee de Quebec
poster and ticket stub. kkyzt, raweb, amzzt
77/10/28-31 New York NY
Palladium 2 shows 10/28, 10/29 CONFIRMED
ad and listings. not 10/27. ticket stubs for all shows. bl, jn, vd, ns, NYT, gbpc, frd, jscpc, kbcpc, gr
77/11/ Miami FL Jai Alai Fronton SPURIOUS
correct date is 78/09/15. cf. 77/10/16. lkpc, jwepc
77/11/04 Chicago IL
Uptown Theatre 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stub. 2 shows from photo of marquee (clpws). pz, frd, glepc, clpws
77/11/05 Pittsburgh PA
Stanley Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
ad, listing, and review. klpc, PN
77/11/06 Ann Arbor MI
Hill Auditorium
ad. c2pc, klpc
77/11/10 Louisville KY
Louisville Gardens
Tickets $6 advance, $7 day of show. 8:00 pm. info from ad. rdipc
77/11/11 Kansas City MO
Uptown Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
ad. bl, jn, copc, cfpc, klpc, UN, gr
77/11/14 Denver CO
Auditorium Arena
ticket stub. not 11/13. bl, jn, vd, jscpc, gr
77/11/14 Boulder CO Events Center, University Of Colorado SPURIOUS
conflicts with Denver. jscpc, who attended seven shows that tour, including 11/14/77 Denver, says they didn't play Boulder. gr, jscpc
77/11/15 Salt Lake City UT
Salt Palace
poster. clpc, jgipc, fdi, pz110
77/11/18 Sacramento CA
Memorial Auditorium

bl, jn, gr
77/11/19 Stanford CA
Maples Pavilion, Stanford University
untorn ticket. bl, jn, frd, gr
77/11/20 Los Angeles CA
Pauley Pavilion, UCLA
listing, untorn ticket, and review. bl, jn, pz, frd, klpc, SDR, LAT, gr
77/12/31 Los Angeles CA
Pauley Pavilion, UCLA

bl, jn, klpc, SDR, gr

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