Frank Zappa Gig List: 1975

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Shows with SPURIOUS or CANCELED in the Status field did not happen.
Shows with QUESTIONABLE in the Status field or "conflicts with xxx" in the Comments field may not have happened.

Date Line-up Concert recordings
April-May 5a recordings in circulation
September 17-18 orchestra recordings in circulation
September 27-December 5b recordings in circulation

DateCityStateCountryVenueShowsStatusOther actsCommentsSources
75/ Troy NY
Fieldhouse, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

pnpc, sceb
75/02/ Copenhagen Denmark Tivoli Gardens SPURIOUS
no European tour in 1975, except for Yugoslavia 75/11/. possibly confusion due to venue of 75/11/22 Ljubljana. gr
75/04/11 Claremont CA
Bridges Auditorium, Pomona College 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stub, poster. sponsored by ASHMC. bl, jn, ns, pz81, fdi, clhpc, gr
75/04/18 New Haven CT
Veterans Memorial Coliseum
CONFIRMED Leslie West (canceled) radio ad and ticket stub. not Arena. bl, jn, ns, mtrpc, WPLR, frd, gr
75/04/19 Passaic NJ
Capitol Theatre 2 shows CONFIRMED McKendree Spring ticket stub for 8:00 show, ads. bl, jn, VV, frd, gr
75/04/20 Kutztown PA
Keystone Hall, Kutztown State College
listing. venue from ticket. renamed circa 1980; now Kutztown U of PA. bl, vd, bbapc, bsupc, jampc, EE, gr
75/04/22 Syracuse NY
Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium
CONFIRMED Cross Creek review. ticket stub has date and promoter, but not performer or venue. bl, vd, arpc, SHJ, jamzt, gr
75/04/24 Albany NY
Palace Theatre
ticket stub. bl, vd, jnpc, frd, djws, gr
75/04/25 Uniondale NY
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
CONFIRMED Sha Na Na ads. bl, jn, VV, pz100, gr
75/04/26 Providence RI
Alumni Hall, Providence College
ticket stubs. not College Fieldhouse, nor Palace Theater. bl, vd, fo, fopc, dblpc, rompc, gr
75/04/27 Boston MA
Music Hall 2 shows CONFIRMED James Montgomery Blues Band ad and listings. bl, jn, BP, gr
75/04/29 Pittsburgh PA CANCELED
tentative/disjunctive with Trenton NJ bl, gr
75/04/29 Trenton NJ
Civic Center
poster has no year, date appears to be 04/29, Tuesday. repeated listings in LIP for 04/30 are probably erroneous. venue burned down in 75/07/. bl, vd, LIP, pz85, rgmpc, gr
75/04/30 Trenton NJ Civic Center SPURIOUS
tentative/disjunctive with Johnstown, PA. probably rescheduled to 04/29, per poster and contrary to listings in LIP. bl, vd, LIP, pz85, gr
75/04/30 Johnstown PA
War Memorial Auditorium
listing. not 05/01. bl, vd, slpc, jdmpc, jampc, EE, gr
75/05/ Dallas TX

not listed or advertised in Ic. vd, Ic
75/05/02 Hampton VA
Hampton Coliseum
ad and concert permit. bl, vd, crgpc, arpc, arws, gr
75/05/03 Baltimore MD
Civic Center

bl, jn, gr
75/05/04 Charleston WV
Civic Center
ad, review. ticket stub has city, venue, and day of week, but no date, year, or state. not South Carolina, let alone North Carolina. bl, vd, frd, wvhzt, gr
75/05/06 Normal IL
University Union Auditorium, Illinois State University
ticket stub. not 05/12. venue later known as Braden Auditorium. bl, vd, glaffz, docpc, gr
75/05/07 Frankfort KY
Capitol Plaza/CPA Sports Center

bl, jn, gr
75/05/09 Athens GA SPURIOUS
conflicts with South Bend, which is confirmed vd
75/05/09 South Bend IN
Morris Civic Auditorium 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stubs for both shows. bl, jscpc, gr
75/05/10 Indianapolis IN
Convention Center
newspaper ad. bl, vd, grpc, kzpc, gr
75/05/11 Chicago IL
International Amphitheater
CONFIRMED Flash Cadillac one ticket stub has complete date. bl, vd, jscpc, phlzt, rompc, gr
75/05/12 Normal IL Illinois State University SPURIOUS
correct date is 05/06. djws, djpc, jpepc, docpc
75/05/13 St. Louis MO
Kiel Opera House

Styx venue from attendee ttpc. attendee stmpc says Kiel Auditorium. not Washington University. bl, jn, djws, stmpc, ttpc, gr
75/05/14 Evansville IN
Roberts Municipal Stadium

bl, vd, bhypc, gr
75/05/16 Cincinnati OH
Cincinnati Gardens
ticket stub. not Xavier University. bl, vd, fo, rcepc, jwnpc, gr
75/05/17 Kalamazoo MI
Wings Stadium

bl, vd, gr
75/05/18 Detroit MI
Cobo Hall
ad and ticket stubs. bl, vd, drpc, jscpc, klpc, gr
75/05/20-21 Austin TX
Armadillo World Headquarters
poster, listings, ticket stub for 05/21. bl, vd, ns, djws, pz152, wbpfl, wmszt, US, gr
75/05/23 El Paso TX
County Coliseum
ticket stub. bl, jn, frd, gr
75/05/25-26 Phoenix AZ
Celebrity Theater 2 shows 05/25 CONFIRMED
listing. bl, NT
75/09/17-18 Los Angeles CA
Royce Hall, UCLA
listings, review, ticket stubs for both nights. bl, jn, ns, klpc, SDR, jscpc, LAT, clhpc, gr
75/09/27 Santa Barbara CA
Robertson Gymnasium, UCSB
listing and ticket. changed from 09/28. bl, jn, grpc, klpc, SDR, tjpc, gr
75/09/29 Oakland CA
Paramount Theatre

Captain Beefheart date is a guess. attendee mikpc says 75/08/, but 75/09/28-30 seems much more likely. mikpc
75/10/ St. Petersburg FL
Bayfront Center Arena

75/10/01 Vancouver BC Canada War Memorial Gymnasium
ads, listing, ticket, and reviews. bl, jn, GS, UBC, obxzt, gr
75/10/02 Spokane WA
Convention Center

bl, pbzt, cws, gr
75/10/03 Portland OR
Paramount Northwest Theatre
CONFIRMED Caravan data from poster. opening act from attendee. ticket stub has no venue or city, but Portland-based promoter (Get Down Productions); FZ written by ticket holder. bl, dfpc, sraffz, cws, rompc, gr
75/10/04 Seattle WA
Paramount Northwest Theatre 2 shows CONFIRMED Caravan listing, ticket stubs. bl, jn, rbolpc, maepc, cws, gr
75/10/08 Oklahoma City OK
Civic Center Music Hall

venue from attendees (mtpc, gpnpc, and a third via sanpc). not Noble Center, University Of Oklahoma, Norman. ticket stub has printed date that may be 75/10/03, FZ written by ticket holder, no location. bl, sanpc, mtpc, obpc, gpnpc, gr
75/10/10 San Antonio TX
Municipal Auditorium

baton twirler, push-up champion, San Antonio Ballet Society opening acts from attendee. bl, srlaffz, gr
75/10/11 Houston TX
Hofheinz Pavilion, University Of Houston
CONFIRMED baton twirler ticket stub, review. opening act from attendee and review. bl, fopc, frd, lgaffz, wmszt, DC, gr
75/10/12 Dallas TX
Convention Center
CONFIRMED baton twirler, push-up champion preview articles, ads, listing, review, plus undated radio ad. venue formerly known as Memorial Auditorium. opening act from attendee. bl, jn, rdapc, gmeb, Ic, klpc, DMN, DTH, srlaffz, frd, wmszt, Bu, gr
75/10/14 New Orleans LA The Warehouse CANCELED
tentative in disjunction with KC bl
75/10/14 Kansas City KS
Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Hall
ticket stub. bl, jn, copc, dbaffz, hpspc, gr
75/10/15 Fayetteville AR
Barnhill Fieldhouse, University Of Arkansas
preview article and mention in sports article after concert. not Farmhouse. venue now known as Barnhill Arena. bl, jn, pbpc, tfeczt, dgrpc, NWAT, gr
75/10/16 New Orleans LA
The Warehouse

rescheduled from 10/14? gr
75/10/17 Durham NC
Duke University

attendee stpc says Carmichael Auditorium, UNC, Chapel Hill. were there two NC concerts? attendee tlpc says it was at Duke, 10/22. attendee dbapc says Duke. bl, stpc, tlpc, dbapc, gr
75/10/18 Atlanta GA
Municipal Auditorium 2 shows CONFIRMED Mike Greene Band ticket stub for midnight show. second show midnight till almost 3am. bl, jbpc, jbws, frd, gr
75/10/23 Boston MA
Music Hall
ad, listing, and ticket stub. bl, jn, BP, frd, gr
75/10/24 Providence RI
Palace Theatre
ticket stub, review. bl, jn, rirws, PJB, gr
75/10/25 Passaic NJ
Capitol Theatre 2 shows CONFIRMED
ad, untorn ticket for 7:30 show. bl, jn, frd, klpc, VV, gr
75/10/26 Hempstead NY
Hofstra University Playhouse 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stub for 7:30 show. bl, jn, vd, grpc, frd, gr
75/10/29 Waterbury CT
Palace Theatre 2 shows CONFIRMED Mahavishnu Orchestra listing. ticket stub has day, date, and month, no year. opening act from attendee and Terry Bozzio. bl, jn, dabmz, zdrt2, egzt, MRJ, rompc, gr
75/10/30 Henrietta NY Dome Arena SPURIOUS
correct date is 11/05. nvhpc, jypc, rrpc, RoP
75/10/31 New York NY
Felt Forum 2 shows CONFIRMED rope tricks ad, ticket stub for 7:30 show. opening act from attendee. bl, jn, ns, frd, klpc, VV, lopc, gr
75/11/01 Richmond VA Richmond Coliseum SPURIOUS
correct city is Williamsburg. bl, cmaffz, kispc, gr
75/11/01 Williamsburg VA
William And Mary Hall, College Of William And Mary
CONFIRMED Jimmy Buffett review, ticket stub. bl, cmaffz, kispc, mmopc, TFH, gr
75/11/02 College Park MD
Cole Fieldhouse, University Of Maryland

U/MD, Baltimore? Civic Center, Baltimore? bl, jn, vd, jdpc, gr
75/11/03 Philadelphia PA
Spectrum Theater
CONFIRMED Sensational Alex Harvey Band listings, untorn ticket. bl, jn, frd, LIP, sipc, gr
75/11/05 Passaic NJ Capitol Theatre SPURIOUS
Capitol ads list no shows between 11/01 and 11/14. conflicts with Henrietta. correct date is 10/25. bl, VV, gr
75/11/05 Henrietta NY
Dome Arena
ad and listing. just outside Rochester. not 10/30. nvhpc, jypc, rrpc, RoP
75/11/07 Pittsburgh PA
Civic Arena
CONFIRMED Dr. John listing and review. opening act from listing and attendee cppc. bl, klpc, PN, cppc, dgrpc, NCN, gr
75/11/08 Knoxville TN
Civic Coliseum
CONFIRMED Bob Seger listing. bl, jplpc, tcpc, dgrpc, KTN, gr
75/11/09 Louisville KY
Louisville Gardens

bl, gr
75/11/14 Fort Wayne IN
Memorial Coliseum

listing bl, klpc, Ci, gr
75/11/15 Allendale MI
Fieldhouse, Grand Valley State Colleges
near Grand Rapids. bl, crpc, pbpc, rbepc, gr
75/11/16 Dayton OH
Hara Arena
CONFIRMED Bob Seger ticket stubs. not Mara. jsmpc and jsbpc say opening act was Bob Seger. dobaffz and jwnpc say Robin Trower, but cf. 74/11/20. bl, grpc, dobaffz, jsmpc, jwnpc, jsbpc, gr
75/11/18 Ann Arbor MI
Crisler Arena, University Of Michigan
CONFIRMED Larry Coryell ticket stub has day of week and year, no date. venue spelling from UM website. attendee jptpc says Johnny Winter played one or two songs with the Mothers, but sclzt says no. bl, cbc, drpc, frd, jptpc, pbpc, sclzt, gr
75/11/18 Ann Arbor MI
Blind Pig

"We did... three quarters of our live show at... this fabulous club." (after Crisler arena concert) bpws says only that FZ was spotted in crowd, not that he performed, and not when this happened. ioc, jamzt, bpws
75/11/19 Detroit MI Cobo Hall SPURIOUS
correct year is 76. cbc, jptpc, gr
75/11/21 Zagreb
Yugoslavia Sportska Dvorana
ticket stub. not 75/12/. vd, fzptmofz, cbc, frd, gr
75/11/22 Ljubljana
Yugoslavia Hala Tivoli

venue from attendee (via fopc). jn, vd, FZPTMOFZ, cbc, fopc, gr
75/11/25 Madison WI
Dane County Coliseum
CONFIRMED Larry Coryell listings and review. contrary to review, Beefheart did not appear. he was touring in England. bl, cbc, BA, bdbpc, gr
75/11/26 St. Paul MN
Civic Center

review. bl, klpc, gr
75/11/28 Milwaukee WI
Milwaukee Auditorium
CONFIRMED Roxy Music ticket stub, ads, listings, and review. aka Mecca Auditorium. jnpc, hopc, bl, BA, jscpc, klpc, gr
75/11/29-30 Chicago IL
Auditorium Theatre 2 shows 11/30 CONFIRMED
listings; ticket stubs for all three shows. bl, jn, ahpc, frd, kzpc, BA, jscpc, gr
75/12/02 Green Bay WI
Brown County Arena
CONFIRMED Eleventh Hour featuring Larry Coryell ads. bl, rfpc, APC, SPDJ, tmpc, gr
75/12/04 Toronto Ontario Canada Maple Leaf Gardens

not advertised in TS. bl, TS, gr
75/12/05 London Ontario Canada London Arena
CONFIRMED Myles + Lenny ad and review. bl, LFP, gr
75/12/06 Ottawa Ontario Canada Civic Arena
CONFIRMED Myles + Lenny review. ticket stub shows "Saturday, Decem"; no day or year. opening act from review. bl, dgpc, dgws, OC, frd, gr
75/12/07 Hamilton Ontario Canada Phys-Ed Complex, McMaster University
venue from ticket stub. venue a.k.a. Ivor Wynne Centre. bl, jn, vd, nhpc, fopc, rompc, frd, gr
75/12/08 Montreal Quebec Canada Forum Concert Bowl
CONFIRMED Myles + Lenny confirmed by ad and review bl, ccpc, gr
75/12/09 Quebec Quebec Canada Centre Municipal des Congres de Quebec, Hilton Hotel
CONFIRMED Myles + Lenny opening act from attendee sbbpc. bl, jn, ccpc, sbbpc, gr
75/12/26 Oakland CA
Paramount Theatre
CONFIRMED Captain Beefheart ad, listings, review, and ticket stub. bl, jn, ns, SFC, frd, gr
75/12/27 San Francisco CA
CONFIRMED Captain Beefheart ticket stub, ad, and listings. opening act from OT preview article. bl, jn, ns, SFC, jscpc, arpc, OT, gr
75/12/29 San Diego CA
Golden Hall
CONFIRMED Captain Beefheart
fbapc, LAT, jme, klpc, SDR
75/12/31 Inglewood CA
CONFIRMED Todd Rundgren's Utopia (canceled), Captain Beefheart + Magic Band, Dr. John, Flo + Eddie ads and ticket stub. bgnpc says Flo & Eddie replaced Utopia. bl, jn, ns, LAT, btb2, dfpc, grpc, fdi, klpc, SDR, bhnpc, bgnpc, gr

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