Frank Zappa Gig List: 1971

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Shows with SPURIOUS or CANCELED in the Status field did not happen.
Shows with QUESTIONABLE in the Status field or "conflicts with xxx" in the Comments field may not have happened.

Date Line-up Concert recordings
June-December 2d recordings in circulation

DateCityStateCountryVenueShowsStatusOther actsCommentsSources
71/ Atlanta GA

between 08/07 and 10/12. no ad, listing, or review. nl, GSB
71/ Chicago IL

between 08/07 and 10/12 nl
71/ Dania FL
Pirate's World

between 08/07 and 10/12. no listing in Daily Planet. amusement park between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. nl, ptpc, DP
studio recording of What's A Girl Like You...? mentions Butte, MT kb, gr
71/ Mobile AL

71/ Pomona CA

cf. Claremont 71/05/18 gr
71/02/08 London UK Royal Albert Hall CANCELED Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, King's Singers ads and poster. ns, pz149, MM, gr
71/02/21 New York NY Fillmore East SPURIOUS
no ad or listing in NYT. cf. 69/02/21. kb
71/03/24 Copenhagen Denmark Den Graa Hal CANCELED or SPURIOUS
ticket stub. kkvpc
71/04/11 Indianapolis IN Coliseum SPURIOUS
Howard (or Mark) wore an Easter Bunny suit at the 10/19 show. fcplpc, Ka
71/05/09 Los Angeles CA Whisky a Go Go CANCELED Crowbar poster and ad. Mother's Day. Whisky was closed 05/05-06/22 due to fire. pnpc, rdapc, rf, fdi, capc, waggws, pz
71/05/18 Claremont CA
Bridges Auditorium, Pomona College
poster and ad. ticket stub has city, only -um of venue, no year, "Frank Zappa" written by hand. bl, ns, jn, kb, glepc, raweb, dsreb, LAFP, rompc, gr
71/05/21 Chicago IL
Auditorium Theatre 2 shows
Head Over Heels attendees ripc, bmipc say 2 shows. opening act from bmipc. jn, ns, kb, ripc, bmipc, gr
71/05/22 Delaware OH
Selby Field, Ohio Wesleyan University
CONFIRMED J. Geils Band. ticket stub. bl, jn, jmspc, sgmzt, gr
71/05/23 Columbus OH
Ohio Theater
venue from listing. bl, jn, vd, ns, jmspc, kb, arpc, MNJ, gr
71/05/25 Detroit MI
Olympia Stadium
CONFIRMED Head Over Heels ads, listing. opening act from poster. vd, ns, kb, FE, glepc, gr
71/05/27 Madison WI
Field House, University Of Wisconsin
CONFIRMED Head Over Heels poster (tpseb), newspaper ad (grpc), review (MCT), and attendee (mcbpc) say Field House. second-hand report (cosmcaffz) says Dane County Coliseum. they performed Billy The Mountain. grpc, cosmcaffz, mcbpc, fopc, dgrpc, MCT, tpseb
71/05/29 Rochester MI
Baldwin Pavilion, Oakland University
CONFIRMED Livingston Taylor, Bambu poster, ads, listing, and review. kb, fdi, pz92, FE
71/05/30 Cleveland OH
Public Hall
CONFIRMED Free, Humble Pie, Head Over Heels poster and ad. not Allen Theatre. not 06/02. srupc, rbrpc, arws
71/06/ Scranton PA
Watres Armory

not Watrous. dampc, bsupc
71/06/ Virginia Beach VA
The Dome 2 shows QUESTIONABLE
cf. 71/10/14 Virginia Beach. mfpc, grpc, gr
71/06/02 Cleveland OH Public Hall SPURIOUS Humble Pie, Head Over Heels correct date is 05/30. srupc, rbrpc
71/06/02 Pittsburgh PA
Civic Arena
listing. arpc, NHNR
71/06/03 Harrisburg PA
State Farm Show Arena
CONFIRMED Head Over Heels In fall 74, FZ referred to previous appearance there. poster has no year or day of week. hoaffz, lol
71/06/05-06 New York NY
Fillmore East 2 shows each night CONFIRMED Hampton Grease Band, Head Over Heels dates from ads, listings, and reviews (also bl, vd, gr). poster (gl) for 6/04-05 must be in error. ticket stubs for early shows don't show name of band. bl, vd, ns, mpdpc, gl, pz48, dwppc, NYT, VV, pnpc, frd, gr
71/06/10 Boston MA Music Hall SPURIOUS
correct date is 71/10/06 jn, kb, gr
71/06/30 Boston MA
Fenway Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED Gross National Productions ticket stub. pfpc, ajpc
71/07/ El Monte CA Legion Stadium SPURIOUS
not advertised or listed in LAFP. tape is from 8/21/70. jn, kb, LAFP, gr
71/07/02 Quebec Quebec Canada Le Colisee
CONFIRMED Uproar poster. opening act from attendee sbbpc and band member interview. pz, fdi, sbbpc, uelws
71/07/03 Ottawa Ontario Canada Civic Center Arena
CONFIRMED Uproar poster, ticket stub, ad and review. opening act from band member interview, ad, and review. pz, dgws, uelws, dgrpc, OC, frd
71/07/04 Montreal Quebec Canada Centre Paul Sauve
CONFIRMED Uproar poster and ticket stub. opening act from attendee lnpc, band member interview, and review. pz, fdi, frd, lnpc, uelws, dgrpc, LP
71/07/05 Montreal Quebec Canada CHOM-FM

Bob Harris still in band, so not from 71/11/. kb
71/07/07 Los Angeles CA Pauley Pavilion, UCLA SPURIOUS
correct date is 71/08/07. vd, gr
71/07/08 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Arena
CONFIRMED Crazy Horse [the one that backed Neil Young] ad, newspaper listing, and review. they performed Billy The Mountain. bsaffz, WFP, pgopc, dgrpc,
71/07/09 Edmonton Alberta Canada Kinsmen Field House
CONFIRMED Crazy Horse newspaper listing and review. poster has no year or city. rf, pz112
71/07/10 Vancouver BC Canada Agrodome
CONFIRMED Crazy Horse newspaper listing and reviews. bl, VS, GS, rf, gr
71/08/07 Los Angeles CA
Pauley Pavilion, UCLA
ads, preview articles, ticket stub. bl, ns, kb, rf, LAFP, btb2, fdi, ghws, smpc, VNN, brfpc, gr
71/08/25 Berkeley CA
Community Theater
with Nigey Lennon. newspaper listing and preview article. nl, BB, smpc, HDR
71/08/25 Portland OR Memorial Coliseum SPURIOUS
correct date is 08/28. gr
71/08/26 Seattle WA Convention Center SPURIOUS
correct date is 08/27. correct venue is Paramount Theater. bl, nl, grpc, kb, bbrpc, SPI, ST, gr
71/08/27 Spokane WA SPURIOUS
correct date is 08/29. nl, rf, gr
71/08/27 Seattle WA
Paramount Northwest Theatre 2 shows? CONFIRMED
with Nigey Lennon. listing in ST. not listed in SPI. not Coliseum or Convention Center. rbolpc says 2 shows. bl, nl, grpc, kb, bbrpc, SPI, ST, rbolpc, gr
71/08/28 Portland OR
Memorial Coliseum
ads and review. bl, jn, gr have 8/25. bl has 9/1. nl has 9/2. ffct, rf, kb
71/08/29 Spokane WA
Kennedy Pavillion, Gonzaga University
listing. with Nigey Lennon. nl, rf, gr
71/08/30 Seattle WA SPURIOUS
correct date is 08/27. bl, nl, grpc, kb, bbrpc, SPI, ST, gr
71/09/01 or 02 Portland OR SPURIOUS
correct date is 08/28. bl, nl, gr
71/10/ Detroit MI

no listing in Fifth Estate. kb, FE
71/10/01 Sacramento CA
Memorial Auditorium
preview article and poster. bl, nl, arpc, ETS, bsa, gr
71/10/02 Eureka CA
Municipal Auditorium
preview article. arpc, ETS, dgrpc
71/10/04 Virginia Beach VA
Minidome Civic Auditorium 2 shows CONFIRMED Persuasions ad and review. venue a.k.a. The Dome. second show was canceled. kb, bsa, mfpc, fac, CH, jampc, VBS, CwT
71/10/06 Boston MA
Music Hall 2 shows CONFIRMED Chuck Berry ticket stub for 8:00 show, ad, and listing. bl, kb, BP, rf, frd, YDN, gr
71/10/08 New Haven CT
CONFIRMED Chuck Berry ticket stub and ad. George Duke sat in. bl, kb, rf, gmlpc, frd, rompc, YDN, gr
71/10/09 Providence RI Auditorium CANCELED
advertised in YDN (71/09/16, 17). conflicts with Northampton. presumably changed to 10/15 Loew's State Theater. YDN
71/10/09 Northampton MA
John M. Greene Hall, Smith College
CONFIRMED Pilobolus (dance troupe) ticket stub and ad. not Springfield. opening act from YDN (80/02/15). bl, bcopc, frd, jampc, YDN, gr
71/10/11 New York NY
Carnegie Hall 2 shows CONFIRMED Persuasions ticket stub for 11:00 show, ad, and listing. not 10/12 (Stokowski, American Symphony Orchestra). bl, nl, fo, jypc, blpc, pz, NYT, frd, gr
71/10/13 Toronto Ontario Canada Massey Hall
ads and review. bl, TS, gr
71/10/14 Virginia Beach VA Minidome Civic Auditorium 2 shows SPURIOUS Persuasions date from legal memorandum about disorderly conduct arrest must be in error, since Jerry Lawson referred to past gig on 10/11. cf. 71/06/ Virginia Beach. venue a.k.a. The Dome. second show was canceled kb, bsa, mfpc, fac, CH
71/10/15 Providence RI
Loew's State Theater

venue renamed Dario Palace Theater. when was name change? bl, jn, kb, ebrpc, pyms, tfeaffz, gr
71/10/16 Stony Brook NY
Stony Brook Gym, SUNY 2 shows CONFIRMED Holy Modal Rounders? ads and preview article. taws lists Holy Modal Rounders as opening for Mothers, but attendee sdspc says no. ads don't mention opening act for Mothers, but do list separate HMR concert on 10/17. bl, jn, jnpc, kb, jampc, SBUS, taws, tzpc, sdspc, gr
71/10/17 Baltimore MD
Lyric Theatre 2 shows CONFIRMED Wendy ad. opening act from attendee fkzc. bl, rf, fkzc, gr
71/10/19 Indianapolis IN

It's A Beautiful Day, Lee Michaels attendee jmupc says IABD didn't play; attendees kzaffz, sgspc say they did. bl, kzaffz, fcplpc, Ka, jmupc, sgspc, gr
71/10/20 Milwaukee WI
Milwaukee Arena
CONFIRMED Fleetwood Mac, Rory Gallagher ads, listings, review, poster, tour article. fdi, Ka, BA, klpc, jamzt, MJ
71/10/21 St. Louis MO
Fox Theatre
ad and tour article. rf, jamzt, MJ
71/10/23 Kansas City MO
Cowtown Ballroom 2 shows CONFIRMED Rich Hill ticket stub for 11:00 show, newspaper ad, listing, review, and tour article. jn, copc, kb, WT, dbaffz, frd, jamzt, MJ, gr
71/10/24 Denver CO
Arena, University of Denver
nl says between 08/07 and 10/12. fo says 71/06/. nl, Ch, fo, jamzt, MJ
71/10/30 Boston MA SPURIOUS
correct date is 71/10/06. gr


Dick Cavett Show. kb


= 71/12/ Brussels? kb
71/11/ Yugoslavia SPURIOUS
correct year is 1975!!! kb
71/11/ Montreal Quebec Canada CHOM-FM SPURIOUS
correct date is probably 71/07/05. kb
71/11/ Louisville KY

71/11/ Paris

= 71/12/06 Paris? kb
71/11/05-08 San Francisco CA Fillmore West SPURIOUS
Fillmore West closed in 71/06. correct dates are 70/11/05-07. bl, vd, mpdpc, jnpc, pz, SFC, gr
71/11/17 Italy SPURIOUS
kb lists with question mark. pbipc says FZ didn't leave London until 11/18. see 12/03 Milan. kb, pbipc
71/11/19 Stockholm
Sweden Folkets Hus 2 shows? CONFIRMED
ticket stub for 11:00 show. rnpc says only one show. TRFZB says Konserthuset (wrong), two shows (?). jn, ns, uhpc, rnpc, trfzb, pz, frd, klpc, PM, gr
71/11/20 Aarhus

conflicts with Odense. vd, kb, gr
71/11/20 Odense

conflicts with Aarhus. most sources have 11/22. Odense is not in Sweden. klpc, PM, ompc
71/11/21 Copenhagen
Denmark K.B.-Hallen 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stub for early show (kl. 16). jn, kb, klpc, PM, bhdws, gr
71/11/21 Chicago IL Auditorium Theatre SPURIOUS
ad in Chicago Seed was left over from 1970! CS
71/11/22 Odense

Love Story PM has 11/20 (and also says Odense is in Sweden). opening act (local trio) from attendee. vd, klpc, PM, vizc, gr
71/11/23 Duesseldorf
Germany Rheinhalle
poster (Total Music Theatre). jn, kb, klpc, PM, jszpc, gr
71/11/24 Berlin
Germany Deutschlandhalle
ticket stub. also 11/25? jn, kb, klpc, PM, hpspc, gr
71/11/25 Hamburg
Germany Musikhalle
ticket stub. not 11/25. vd, kb, klpc, PM, wlpc, gr
71/11/27 Rotterdam
Netherlands The Ahoy
poster and review. jn, kb, jlspc, DV, klpc, PM, bsa, gr
71/11/28 Frankfurt
Germany Jahrhunderthalle 2 shows

jn, kb, klpc, PM, gr
71/11/29 Munich
Germany Zirkus Krone

vd, fo, kb, klpc, PM, salpc, gr
71/11/30 Vienna Austria SPURIOUS
correct date is 12/02. vd, kb, chpc, khws, AZ, gr
71/12/02 Vienna
Austria Konzerthaus
listing, preview article, and venue archives. not 11/30. vd, kb, chpc, khws, AZ, klpc, PM, gr
71/12/03 Milan

not listed in PM. gr
71/12/04 Montreux
Switzerland Casino
poster. jn, ns, vd, kb, klpc, PM, bsa, gr
71/12/05 Lyon France CANCELED

ns, klpc, PM, cchpc
71/12/06 Paris France CANCELED
article in MM says Sunday [12/05]. gr says 12/06. PM says 12/07. ns, MM, klpc, PM, gr
71/12/08 Brussels Belgium CANCELED

ns, klpc, PM
71/12/09 Sheffield UK Rainbow Theatre SPURIOUS
no mention in MM, PM, Oz, or DME. no such venue in Sheffield. cf. 12/21. MM, abnpc, PM, Oz, depc, jampc, DME, gr
71/12/10 London
UK Rainbow Theatre
CONFIRMED Cochise late show canceled. ad, listing, tour listing, preview article, ticket, and reviews. opening act from dbkpd. jn, ns, kb, LT, MM, klpc, PM, Oz, rorws, dbkpd, jampc, DME, rompc, gr
71/12/11 London UK Rainbow Theater 2 shows CANCELED
ad, listing, tour listing, preview article, unused ticket, and cancelation article. also ticket stubs for both shows. ns, MM, klpc, PM, Oz, bsa, jampc, DME, rompc
71/12/12 London UK Rainbow Theater CANCELED or SPURIOUS
tour listing in DME. not in Oz ad. Oz, jampc, DME
71/12/12 Sheffield UK City Hall SPURIOUS
date according to ticket holder abnpc. PM, Oz, DME have 12/21. abnpc, klpc, PM, Oz, depc, jampc, DME
71/12/13 Bristol UK Bristol University CANCELED
ad, listing, tour listing. klpc, PM, Oz, jampc, DME
71/12/15 Birmingham UK Town Hall CANCELED
ad, listings. klpc, PM, Oz, jampc, DME
71/12/16 Newcastle UK City Hall CANCELED
ad, listing, tour listing. klpc, PM, Oz, jampc, DME
71/12/17 Glasgow UK Green's Playhouse CANCELED
ad, listing, tour listing. klpc, PM, Oz, jampc, DME
71/12/19 Edinborough UK CANCELED or SPURIOUS
listing. not in Oz ad. not in DME tour listing. klpc, PM, Oz, jampc, DME
71/12/20 Manchester UK Free Trade Hall CANCELED
ad, listing. venue from ticketholder and tour listing. klpc, PM, Oz, sthzt, jampc, DME
71/12/21 Sheffield UK City Hall CANCELED
ad, listing, tour listing. klpc, PM, Oz, depc, jampc, DME

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