Frank Zappa Gig List: 1976

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Shows with SPURIOUS or CANCELED in the Status field did not happen.
Shows with QUESTIONABLE in the Status field or "conflicts with xxx" in the Comments field may not have happened.

Date Line-up Concert recordings
January-March 5b recordings in circulation
October-December 5c recordings in circulation

DateCityStateCountryVenueShowsStatusOther actsCommentsSources
76/01/11 Honolulu HI

bl, gr
76/01/16 Auckland
New Zealand Town Hall two shows

not Western Springs. jnpc, rpcpc, acpc, gr
76/01/20-21 Sydney
Australia Hordern Pavilion
ads, poster, listings, and ticket stubs for 01/20. article, some ads list added show 01/21. jn, vd, cjaffz, cjpc, mlvpc, SS, frd, gr
76/01/22-23 Melbourne
Australia Festival Hall 2 shows on 01/23? CONFIRMED Wendy Saddington ad and listing. ticket stubs for 8:15 shows both dates have no city. jn, vd, fo, cjpc, ziaws, rompc, gr
76/01/24-25 Adelaide
Australia Apollo Stadium
ads, listing, and review. jn, vd, cjpc, ftazt, AA, gr
76/01/26 Brisbane
Australia Festival Hall
ads, listing, review, and ticket stub. not 01/27. vd, cjpc, bhnpc, BCM, gr
76/01/28 Perth
Australia W.A.C.A. Ground
CONFIRMED Split Enz ads, listings, and review. not 01/29. vd, cjpc, ftazt, WA, gr
76/02/ Gothenburg Sweden CANCELED or SPURIOUS
74/09 or 76/02? jkpc remembers canceled show in Gothenburg when FZ played Stockholm and Lund. jkpc
76/02/01 Tokyo
Japan Asakusa Kokusai Gekijo
CONFIRMED Uchida Yuya and 1815 Super Rock'n Roll Band, Cosmos Factory, Yonin Bayashi and Inoue Takayuki Water Band, SKD ticket. billed as Asakusa Saidai no Rock Show (The Greatest Rock Show in Asakusa). jn, pz, frd, tampc, gr
76/02/03 Osaka
Japan Kosei Nenkin Kaikan
ticket stub and several magazines. jn, vd, rgapc, tampc, gr
76/02/04 Kyoto
Japan Kyoto Daigaku Seibu Kodo
ticket stub. jn, vd, pz, frd, tampc, gr
76/02/05 Nagoya Japan Aichi-ken Kinro Kaikan CANCELED
moved to Tokyo. flier. tampc, mukws, NMM
76/02/05 Tokyo
Japan Nippon Seinen-Kan
ticket, listing, and poster. not Nihon Seikannen. moved from Nagoya. jn, frd, magpc, tampc, dgrpc, PSS, gr
76/02/13 Vienna
Austria Kurhalle 2 shows CONFIRMED
ticket stub. Venue popularly known as Wighalle. jn, vd, jnpc, hspc, gr
76/02/14 Munich
Germany Deutsches Museum
poster, tourbook, and ticket stub. jn, vd, fdi, pz, frd, gr
76/02/15 Ludwigshafen
Germany Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
poster, ticket stubs, review, and tourbook. jn, vd, frd, pz, rorws, dgrpc, S+S, gr
76/02/17 Cologne
Germany Sporthalle
tourbook. jn, vd, pz, gr
76/02/18 Hanover
Germany Niedersachsenhalle
tourbook. jn, vd, pz, gr
76/02/19 Essen
Germany Grugahalle
poster, tourbook, and ticket stub. venue spelling from their own website. jn, vd, pz, rompc, gr
76/02/20 Hamburg
Germany Congress Centrum Hamburg
tourbook, ticket stub. jn, vd, pz, rgopc, gr
76/02/21 Aarhus
Denmark Vejlby-Risskov Hallen
ticket stub. jn, vd, chcpc, frd, gr
76/02/23 Oslo
Norway Njaardhallen

jn, vd, gr
76/02/24 Stockholm
Sweden Konserthuset 2 shows CONFIRMED
confirmed by venue employee. jn, vd, sepc, gr
76/02/25 Stockholm
Sweden Konserthuset
two shows on 02/24. jn, vd, sepc, gr
76/02/26 Helsinki
Finland Messukeskus

vd, juhpc, gr
76/02/29 Copenhagen
Denmark Falkoner Theatret 2 shows

jn, vd, gr
76/03/02 Lund
Sweden Olympen 2 shows CONFIRMED
poster. jn, vd, jdpc, bnzt, gr
76/03/03 Copenhagen
Denmark Tivolis Koncertsal 2 shows CONFIRMED
untorn ticket for 9:00 show. jn, vd, pz, frd, gr
76/03/04 Berlin
Germany Deutschlandhalle
poster, tourbook, and ticket stub. jn, vd, jnpc, tmeb, tepc, pz, gr
76/03/06 Amsterdam
Netherlands Jaap Edenhal
ad. ticket stub has date but no band or venue. jn, vd, jlspc, Oor, pbepc, gr
76/03/07 Brussels
Belgium Vorst Nationaal
ticket stub. jn, vd, espc, gr
76/03/08 Paris
France Palais des Sports
ticket stub. jn, vd, pdpc, gr
76/03/10 Saarbruecken
Germany Saarlandhalle
tourbook. pz, gr
76/03/11 Offenburg
Germany Oberrheinhalle
tourbook. jn, vd, pz, gr
76/03/12 Zurich
Switzerland Kongresshaus 2 shows CONFIRMED
date from poster jn, vd, gr
76/03/13 Lugano
Switzerland Palasport Mezzovico

jn, vd, gr
76/03/15-16 Badalona Spain Nuevo Pabellon, Club Juventud CANCELED
ads, preview article, cancelation articles. jampc, Lec, Vib, EGM
76/03/17 Bilbao Spain Pabellon Deportivo Municipal CANCELED
ads, preview article, cancelation articles. vd, ns, jnpc, rgapc, jampc, Lec, Vib, EGM, gr
76/09/25 Albuquerque NM
Civic Auditorium
listing. dgrpc, RRO
76/10/ Dallas TX

night after Houston concert. jbepc
76/10/02 Chalmette LA St. Bernard Auditorium 2 shows CANCELED
listed in BrB as "tentatively scheduled." moved to Tulane University, 10/12. fo, BrB, bbpc, appc
76/10/11 Houston TX
Hofheinz Pavilion, University Of Houston
ticket stub. announced as first show of tour, according to attendee jbepc. jbepc, rgrpc
76/10/12 New Orleans LA
McAlister Auditorium,Tulane University 2 shows

moved from St. Bernard Auditorium, 10/02. not 10/19. reportedly advertised in Tulane Hullabaloo. ticket stubs have day of week, no date or year. fo, BrB, bbpc, pnpc, appc
76/10/14 Tampa FL
Fort Homer Hesterly Armory
ticket. tyjpc, schpc
76/10/16 Coral Gables FL
The Patio, University Of Miami
CONFIRMED Savoy Brown preview article and review. vd says 10/16-19. gr says 10/16 and 10/19. not University of Florida. schpc says they played Tampa on 10/16. opening act from attendee riwpc. bl, jn, vd, schpc, lropc, riwpc, jampc, MHu, gr
76/10/17 Atlanta GA

76/10/18 Nashville TN
Memorial Gymnasium, Vanderbilt University
ticket stub and poster. not November. fo, grpc, lbpc, jbapc, tcpc
76/10/19 New Orleans LA McAlister Auditorium,Tulane University 2 shows SPURIOUS
correct date is 10/12. fo, BrB, bbpc, pnpc, appc
76/10/19 Johnson City TN
Freedom Hall Civic Center
listing and ad. dgrpc, KTN
76/10/22 Buffalo NY
Memorial Auditorium
ticket stubs do not indicate city, but two attendees said Buffalo. mopc, xaeb, frd
76/10/23 Boston MA Music Hall SPURIOUS
newspaper ad and listing for two shows 10/24 only. bl, jn, vd, BP, gr
76/10/23 Plattsburgh

Field House, SUNY Plattsburgh
ad and review. jampc, PSCP
76/10/24 Boston MA
Music Hall 2 shows CONFIRMED
newspaper ad and listing for two shows 10/24 only. ticket stub for 10:00 show. bl, jn, vd, BP, frd, gr
76/10/25-27 Boston MA Music Hall SPURIOUS
newspaper ad and listing for two shows 10/24 only. bl, jn, vd, BP, gr
76/10/27 Pawtucket RI
Leroy Concert Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
ads, ticket stubs. second show added due to popular demand. bl, jn, BP, frd, jpcpc, rirws, gr
76/10/29 Philadelphia PA
Spectrum Theater
CONFIRMED Flo + Eddie (canceled) ticket stub. ads, listings, and preview article in Aq. no ad or listing in Dr. attendee bf2affz who said SAHB opened must have been referring to 75/11/03. attendee rcopc says Flo + Eddie were advertised as opening, but canceled. bl, jn, ns, Dr, Aq, bf2affz, mkpc, frd, sipc, rcopc, gr
76/10/30 New York NY
Felt Forum
ad and ticket stub. extra show added after two 10/31 shows sold out. bl, jn, NYT, frd, gr
76/10/31 New York NY
Felt Forum 2 shows CONFIRMED Dwight Schultz ad, review, and ticket stub. opening act from attendee. bl, jn, gbpc, klpc, VV, NYT, klpc, lopc, frd, gr
76/11/ Nashville TN Vanderbilt University SPURIOUS
correct date is 10/18. fo, grpc, lbpc, jbapc
76/11/ Los Angeles CA
no listing in LAFP. stbpc, LAFP, gr
76/11/04 Landover MD
Capital Centre
CONFIRMED Crack The Sky venue spelling from ticket stub. very near Largo. bl, jn, vd, gcpc, frd, gr
76/11/05 Pittsburgh PA
Syria Mosque
listing. fz11/6/76, dgrpc, OCD, gr
76/11/06 Troy NY
Fieldhouse, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
ticket stubs. bl, jn, vd, jnpc, frd
76/11/07 Springfield MA
Civic Center
listing. bl, jn, dgrpc, GfR, gr
76/11/09 Ottawa Ontario Canada Civic Centre
review, poster, and ticket stub. jn, fo, dgpc, dgws, rdapc, pz, OC, frd, gr
76/11/10 Montreal Quebec Canada Forum
ad, review, poster. ccpc, dgws, klpc
76/11/11 Quebec Quebec Canada Le Colisee
ad, poster, and review. not 11/25. jn, jnpc, ccpc, dgws, gr
76/11/12 Erie PA
Erie County Fieldhouse
CONFIRMED Crack The Sky ticket stub. opening act from listing. shbpc, dgrpc, TH
76/11/13 Toledo OH
Sports Arena
ticket stubs. rstpc, frd, acopc
76/11/15 London Ontario Canada London Gardens
poster. dgws
76/11/16 Toronto Ontario Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
poster, ticket stub. bl, jn, nhpc, pz, frd, dgws, gr
76/11/18 DeKalb IL
Evans Fieldhouse, Northern Illinois University
ticket stub. bl, jscpc, gr
76/11/19 Detroit MI
Cobo Hall
CONFIRMED Flo + Eddie Flo + Eddie opened and sat in. bl, jn, ns, drpc, jscpc, gr
76/11/20 Cleveland OH
Public Hall

I Don't Care article mentions traveling from Cleveland to Columbus (11/22). with Ruth Underwood according to attendee bgopc. opening act (local band's final gig) from their keyboard player gbgpc. bl, jn, arpc, FRE, bgopc, gbgpc, gr
76/11/22 Columbus OH
Veterans Memorial Auditorium
ticket stub. mjpc, arpc, FRE
76/11/24-25 Chicago IL
Auditorium Theatre
ticket stubs and ads for both dates. bl, pz, frd, klpc, jscpc, gr
76/11/25 Quebec Quebec Canada Le Colisee SPURIOUS
correct date is 76/11/11. jn, jnpc, ccpc, gr
76/12/ Port Chester NY
Capitol Theatre

with Ruth, according to attendee. mrpc
76/12/04 Des Moines IA Field House, University of Iowa CANCELED
ad and cancelation notice. jampc, DMR, dgrpc
76/12/26-29 New York NY
listings and article. ticket stubs for 12/26, 12/28. bl, jn, NYT, gbpc, frd, rompc, gr

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