Pete's Mothers Photos

Copyright Peter Mackay 2001-2004

RIP Peter Mackay who left us January 2004
Your attention to detail and keen wit - as well as
your love of FZ's music will be missed. Farewell.

A word from the photographer

This project dates back to 1968 when I photographed the two Mothers of Invention concerts in the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen. More recently I've been hunting down US locations associated with Frank Zappa and the Mothers; the location of Tommy Sandi's Club Sahara where FZ played cocktail music with Joe Perrino and the Mellotones; the site where Frank lived with his first wife, Kay Sherman; the Broadside Bar in Pomona where Frank hooked up with the Soul Giants; the house in LA that was Frank's "Little House I Used To Live In"; the studio in Hollywood where Freak Out! was recorded; the site of the Garrick Theatre in NYC where the Mothers had a 6-month 1967 residency; and the ruins of the legendary Log Cabin in Hollywood. I dug up the precise addresses of some of these "long gone" locations on microfiches or in actual copies of early 1960's telephone books in the Los Angeles main library, in the "California Room" of the San Bernardino Library and in the Pomona Library. Also see photos from Zappanale #13, 2002

Backstage with the Mothers 1968

Lancaster, CA. : Zappa Goes to High School

The Village Inn

Club Sahara and The Broadside

Little House He Used To Live In

Mothers related spots in L.A.

Recording studios and jail time

The Garrick Theater, NYC

Laurel Canyon and the Log Cabin 

Zappanale #13 in Bad Doberan 

Backstage with The Grandmothers 2002 


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