Here are the survey results as tabbed, given a massagio galore and typed forth by Jon Naurin.

Thanks Jon, nice job.

Release Types

Pretty clear results. Of the voters, 82% wanted entire concerts, 67% wanted unreleased studio material and 64% wanted compiled highlight from tours. 51% dropped a vote on Mixed live stuff a la YCDTOSA, 44% on guitar solos, 43% wanted more synclavier material and 29% wanted documentary stuff.

People also had a chance to rank the suggested release types, and this confirmed the results. Applying a home-made score system gave the following list:


Unsurprisingly, the Wazoo tours are outstanding. The Hot Rats, Bongo Fury and 1988 tours were also popular, and behind them 3 more tours stood out from the rest. The top-15:


There were 62 songs to choose from for new YCDTOSA-type releases. Behind some superior favourites, the results were very evenly distributed.

                            Here's the top-20:

Guitar solos:

Again, the voters could rank the choices, which gave pretty clear results. There were three divisions with 4 tours each, and the
rest came pretty far behind.