The Vault Survey

This page was put together by Jon Naurin and Bill Lantz in hopes that we can come to some form of consensus on what Zappa fans would like to see released from the vaults. Many thanks to Jon for coming up with this list and for tabulating the results.

11/21/98 - End of Phaze One - and here are the results. Phaze Two is over as of 10/1/99 - thank you for taking the survey. I'm leaving the page up - but the form itself is DISABLED. Please don't vote anymore! We've been able to get Phaze 2 results to the ZFT, fate and destiny will now run it's inevitable course.

PART I - What kind of new audio releases would you like to hear? Click on all that apply:

1) Entire concerts (YCDTOSA II)
2) Highlights from a particular tour (DHBIM)
3) Mixed live stuff 1965-1992 (YCDTOSA I)
4) Guitar solos (SUNPYG)
5) Unreleased studio recordings (Lost Episodes)
6) Synclavier (CPIII)
7) Documentary stuff (Playground Psychotics)

Note: We know that there's an incredible amount of material for numbers 1 through 4.
How much of type 5, 6 and 7 there is, is hard to say.

Now, please tell us in order of preference which you'd like to hear first:

PART II - If we were to see a vault release from the above list, which line-up would you like to see covered? Pick five of the tours below:

1) Winter '67/'68
2) Fall '68/Spring '69
3) Hot Rats, Feb - Apr '70
4) May '70 Mothers Of Invention reunion
5) Flo & Eddie bands Jun '70 - Dec '71
6) Grand Wazoo, Sep '72
7) Petit Wazoo, Oct-Dec 1972
8) Spring/Summer '73
9) Winter '73/'74
10) 10 years anniversary tour Apr/May '74
11) Fall '74
12) Bongo Fury tour, Apr/May '75
13) Winter '75/'76
14) Winter '76/'77
15) Christmas '76
16) Winter '77/'78
17) Fall '78
18) February-April '79
19) Spring/Summer '80
20) Fall 1980
21) 1981 tour
22) 1982 tour
23) 1984 tour
24) 1988 tour

PART III - If we were to see a vault release from Part II above, what would you like to hear. Pick your 15 favourite items from the list below:

1) "The String Quartet", medley of "Pound For A Brown" and "Sleeping In A Jar, as played in 1968/69.
2) The 1970/71 "Who Are The Brain Police".
3) "Easy Meat", as played in 1970.
4) The spring '73 "Yellow Snow" suite, incl. Mar-ju-rene lecture
5) A complete "Farther O'Blivion", a medley of parts from Greggary Peccary, BeBop Tango and Cucamonga, often with solo extravaganza. (could be combined with #2 above)
6) A 1973 Inca Roads, lounge jazz version
7) A summer 1973 "Brown Shoes Don't Make It"
8) A summer 1973 "Eric Dolphy Memorial BBQ"
9) A "Dupree's Paradise" from 1973.
10) The Apr/May 1974 medley of '60s songs.
11) "Pojama People" as played a few times in 1974.
12) More 1974 "Dupree's Paradise"
13) A live version of "Apostrophe" from 1974/75
14) The 1975 funk version of "Let's Make The Water Turn Black"
15) "Orange Claw Hammer" as played in spring '75
16) "Portuguese Lunar Landing", unreleased song from spring '75
17) "Velvet Sunrise", unreleased song from spring '75
18) Improvisational stuff from spring '75.
19) "Rollo", from the UCLA 1975 "Orchestral Favourites" concerts
20) "Revised Music", from the UCLA 1975 "Orchestral Favourites" concerts
21) "Sink Trap", from the UCLA 1975 "Orchestral Favourites" concerts
22)"Greggary Peccary Bits", from the UCLA 1975 "Orchestral Favourites" concerts
23) The "Black Napkins/Sleep Dirt" combo, played in fall '75
24) The WOIIFTM medley from fall '75.
25) A fall '75 "Any Downers?", slow version with guitar extravaganza.
26) The proto-version of "Let's Move To Cleveland" (Canard D'Jour) from 1975/76.
27) More 1975/76 "Zoot Allures"
28) 1975/76 complete "Chunga's Revenge"
29) A spring '76 "Filthy Habits", with long FZ and Andre Lewis solos
30) A fall '76 "You Didn't Try To Call Me", ballad version with Bianca and Ray White.
31) A "Black Napkins" from fall '76 or spring '77, with Eddie Jobson's violin solo (early versions also have Bianca's vocal solo)
32) "Stranded In The Jungle" as played in fall '76.
33) More "Purple Lagoon" from Dec 1976.
34) "Penis Dimension", instrumental Dec 1976 version
35) "America Drinks And Goes Home", instrumental Dec 1976 version
36) The '77 a capella "Dong Work For Yuda"
37) The unreleased instrumental "Conehead" as played in fall '77
38) A complete "Wild Love" from fall '77 or spring '78, with solo orgies
39) A "King Kong" from 77/78
40) A "Pound For A Brown" from 77/78
41) A "Yo Mama" from 77/78
42) A '78 "Envelopes", with Tommy Mars' vocals
43) A '78 "Little House I Used To Live In".
44) The '78 medley of "Mo's Vacation" and "The Black Page"
45) A '78 "Village Of The Sun", calypso style and solos
46) The '78 solo blues version of "Suicide Chump"
47) A live "Sy Borg" from 1978
48) More fall '78 "Pound For A Brown"
49) A fall '80 "If Only She Woulda" with Doors-type jamming
50) More 1981/82 "King Kong"
51) The '82 version of "Let's Move To Cleveland"
52) A live "Clownz On Velvet" from 1982
53) "Don't Be A Lawyer" from 1984
54) "Oh No" from 1984
55) More 1984 "Let's Move To Cleveland"
56) A live 1984 "Baby Take Your Teeth Out"
57) "Uncle Remus" from 1988
58) "America The Beautiful" from 1988
59) "Yo Cats" from 1988
60) The 1988 "Peaches En Regalia"
61) The 1988 "Marqueson's Chicken"
62) More 1988 improvisations

PART IV - If we were to see a vault release emphasizing great guitar solos ala SUNPYG, which tour would you like to hear from? Pick your five favorite guitar tours from part II and list them in order of your preference in the text box below:

PART V - These are some of the most commonly requested concerts/series of concerts. Please click five from the list below:

1) 6/6/69, Royal Albert Hall, London (parts on BWS and YCDTOSA #5)
2) Febraury-April 1970 Hot Rats shows
3) The Sep 1972 "Grand Wazoo" tour
4) The Oct-Dec 1972 "Petit Wazoo" tour
5) The Australia Jun/Jul 1973 tour
6) The Roxy 1973 concerts
7) Oct/Nov 1976 Bianca concerts
8) The Dec. 1976 concerts, as heard on ZINY
9) The Halloween 1977 shows, as seen on Baby Snakes
10) The Halloween 1978 shows, with Shankar
11) The Hammersmith Odeon 1979 concerts
12) The Ritz 11/17/81 concert

Part VI - List the top three things you'd like to see on a future release and give your three own suggestions. There are a lot of great shows and moments in tours that we don't even mention. Here's your opportunity to remind us of them and have your idea brought up.

Part VII - Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. Please tell us your name and email address below, we will not use for it for solicitation purposes.

Please type your name:

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