Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra

The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra was founded in Bristol, UK, on New Year's Eve, 1968. They were active 1969-1979 and 1988-1992. They played the folk circuit, but their repertoire tended to traditional jazz and blues from the twenties and thirties, with a comic slant. There were numerous personnel changes over the years, with Dave Creech the only constant member through their whole career. They were usually a quartet, sometimes a quintet. The instrumentation commonly included trumpet (most often just the mouthpiece), acoustic guitar, string bass, and washboard, as well as non-standard instruments such as eggcupaphone and ballcockaphone.

Their repertoire included songs and tunes written or recorded by Clarence Williams, Louis Armstrong, Spencer Williams, Shel Silverstein, Jack Teagarden, Andy Razaf, and Perry Bradford, among others, as well as originals by Andy Leggett, Barry Back, and John Turner.

Think a smaller, folkier Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Or a smaller (and British) Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band. Better yet, listen to their music and hear for yourself.

 "Sadie Green" (from Piggery Jokery)

Andy Leggett, Dave Creech, Barry Back

Andy Leggett (with ballcockaphone), Dave Creech, and Barry Back--founding members of the PHLO

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