Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra Discography

PHLO albums

Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra Presents (PHLOP!)
Village Thing VTS 1, LP, 1970
Piggery Jokery
Village Thing VTS 8, LP, 1971
Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra
private pressing, PHLO 0001, LP, 1976
Back On The Road Again
private pressing, LP, 1991
A Musical History
private pressing, LP, 1992

PHLO tracks on compilation albums

various artists, The Great White Dap
Village Thing VTSX 1000, EP, 1970
one track by the PHLO: "'Tain't No Sin" (from PHLOP!)
various artists, Us
Village Thing VTSAM 15, LP, 1972
one track by the PHLO: "Sweet Miss Emmaline" (from Piggery Jokery)
various artists, Brum Folk 76
BRUM 1976, LP, 1976
one track by the PHLO: "Busy Making Britain Great Again" (later released on A Musical History)
various artists, Folkfestival '76 Dranouter
Parsifal FOL 2000/181, LP, 1976
two tracks by the PHLO: "Five Foot Two" (from Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra?), "Rock And Roll Pioneer" (otherwise unreleased?)

Other 1970s albums featuring one or more of the original Piggies

The Sun Also Rises, The Sun Also Rises
Village Thing VTS 2, LP, 1970
Andy Leggett plays whistle on "Suddenly It's Evening".
John Turner plays string bass.
Ian A. Anderson, (Royal York Crescent)
Village Thing VTS 3, LP, 1970
Andy Leggett plays whistle and recorder on "Working Man".
Fred Wedlock, The Folker
Village Thing VTS 7, LP, 1971
The Piggies play on "Thee's Got'n Wur Thee Casn't Back'n, Asn't".
Hunt & Turner, Magic Landscape
Village Thing VTS 11, LP, 1972
John Turner sings and plays guitar, electric bass, and string bass.
Stackridge, Friendliness
MCA MKPS 2025, LP, 1972
Andy Leggett plays saxophone on "Anyone For Tennis".
Noel Murphy, Murf
Village Thing VTS 25, LP, 1974
Andy Leggett plays recorder on "The Limerick Rake" and baritone saxophone on "Is Love Pleasing".
John Turner string bass on nine tracks and electric bass on one.
Slapp Happy, Slapp Happy
Virgin V2014, LP, 1974
Andy Leggett plays jug on "Michaelangelo".

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