Grand Wazoo home movies

The following images are taken from Frank Scheffer's documentary A Pioneer Of The Future Of Music. I believe that they come from Malcolm McNab's home movies of the Grand Wazoo tour.

If you can identify anyone else in the photos (or correct any of my identifications), please let me know.

above: Mike Altschul, Bruce Fowler, Tom Malone

above: unidentified wazoo #2

above: Jay Migliori

above: unidentified wazoo #4, Jerry Kessler, unidentified wazoo #2

above: Paul Hof, FZ

above: Herb Cohen, FZ, Gail Zappa, FZ's bodyguard

above: unidentified wazoo #7 on the tour bus

above: Earle Dumler on the tour bus

above: Glenn Ferris

above: Jim Gordon

above: Sal Marquez

above: Malcolm McNab

above: Ruth Underwood

Thanks to Glenn Ferris and Javier Marcote for identifying some of the people in the photos.

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