The Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza

"I'm sure you've all seen comic books before, and we have a special program that we're going to do with some comic books that were presented to us this afternoon." (FZ, 9/23/72)

"Each member of the group has a comic book on his stand. And we're going to be reciting, at random, things out of the comic books." (FZ, 9/23/72)

At the beginning of the 9/23/72 Felt Forum show, FZ coached the audience on three comic book sound effects. When he held up one finger, they were supposed to say ARRROOOO!, "like a monster with a mouth open like that". Two fingers was the signal for RUNCH!, "like somebody's being crunched in". Three fingers indicated B-TOOMMMMMMMMMMM! (FZ spelled out RUNCH! and B-TOOMMMMMMMMMMM!--specifying eleven Ms--but I'm just guessing about the spelling of ARRROOOO!)

A more parsimoniously-spelled "BTOOOM!" had appeared in ads for We're Only In It For The Money published in Marvel comic books in 1968.

During "Approximate", FZ conducted the audience in these sound effects while band members read passages from DC comic books (cover date November 1972). Listen for yourself. Many of the words are difficult to make out on the tape. Here's what I could get:

Wazoo #1: "Hey! Quit kicking that sand in our faces! That man is the worst nuisance on the beach! Listen here, I'd smash your face, only you're so skinny you might dry up and blow away! The big bully, I'll get even someday! Oh, don't let it bother you, little boy! Darn it!" (from the famous "The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac" ad for the Charles Atlas body-building course)

Wazoo #2: "Who else but Death... can guide you through the icy hell of Weird War!" (from Weird War #8, page 1, panel 4)

Wazoo #3: "Just imagine your friends' shock when they walk into your room and see the "Monster" reaching out..." (from ad for "Monster S-i-z-e Monsters" from Honor House)

Wazoo #4: "Beep beep beep!"

Jim Gordon: "So that's the plan! A reducing ray to shrink any object to any given degree of smallness!" (from Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Villains #3, page 4, panel 5)

Wazoo #4: "Beep beep!"

Jim Gordon: "The vigilante! At them, fools! We'll give them a special rate..." (from Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Villains #3, page 5, panels 3-4)

Jim Gordon: "If that doesn't work, perhaps we'll kill them all!" (from Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Villains #3, page 5, panel 5)

Wazoo #1: "Darn it! I'm sick and tired of being a scarecrow! Charles Atlas says he can give me a real body! All right, I'll gamble a stamp and get his free book! Boy, it didn't take me long to do this! What muscles! That bully won't shove me around again!" (from "The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac")

Wazoo #1: "Here's something I owe you!" (from "The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac")

If you can make out more of the quotations, identify the comic books they come from, or identify which band members are speaking, please let me know.

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