Grand Wazoo photo by Ed Caraeff

This photograph was taken by Ed Caraeff outside the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, September 10, 1972.

back row: Glenn Ferris, Tom Raney

fifth row: Ruth Underwood, Tony Duran, Bruce Fowler

fourth row: Jerry Kessler, Ian Underwood, Tom Malone

third row: Mike Altschul, Ken Shroyer, Dave Parlato

second row: JoAnne McNab, Charles Owens, Sal Marquez

front row: FZ, Jim Gordon, Ray Reed

Earle Dumler, Malcolm McNab, and Jay Migliori are missing.

Thanks to Knoot for the photo and to Pat Buzby, Earle Dumler, and Glenn Ferris for help identifying the people in it.

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