Bogus Frank Zappa Concert Posters

This poster is a fake. It is not rare. It is not a collector's item. It was not printed in 1972. The concert allegedly advertised on the poster did not take place.

Frank Zappa did perform a concert with the Mothers Of Invention at Cal State Fullerton, with Alice Cooper as the opening act. But it was on March 15, 1969. This 1969 concert can be heard on Our Man In Nirvana (Beat The Boots #2).

On November 8, 1972, Frank Zappa and his Petit Wazoo band were touring the eastern United States--thousands of miles from Fullerton. They performed in Commack, New York, on November 7, 1972, and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 10, 1972.

On November 8, 1972, Alice Cooper were en route from the eastern United States--thousands of miles from Fullerton--to Europe--even further (in the same direction) from Fullerton. They performed in Hempstead, New York, on November 2, 1972, and in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 10, 1972.

Our Man In Nirvana gives the date of the recording as November 8, 1968. Presumably, the bootleggers took the partial date November 8 from another fake poster (and were savvy enough to fill in the year 1968, based on the band line-up). I won't say this poster isn't collectible, since it was created by noted artist Rick Griffin.

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