Grand Wazoo Notes

1. Some sources list two Grand Wazoo concerts in the Hollywood Bowl, at the beginning of the tour (9/10/72) and at the end of the tour (9/25/72). There is no evidence for the second concert.

2. In Electric Don Quixote, Neil Slaven reports that both Hawkwind and Zappa wanted to perform last. Zappa agreed to play before Hawkwind, but only if he was paid in advance. According to Slaven, the license for the event expired before Hawkwind were able to take the stage. However, a concert review in the International Times reports that Hawkwind did perform that night.

The Road Goes On For Ever by Philip Norman (Elm Tree Books, 1982) confirms that Hawkwind performed an abbreviated set after the license had expired.

3. In an interview on WGOE (11/3/72), FZ referred to a Grand Wazoo concert in Rotterdam. Presumably he was thinking of the concert in The Hague.

4. Bootleggers somehow turned "ARRROOOO!"--one of the sound effects in the audience participation section of "Approximate" (9/23/72)--into the spurious song title "A Room Who Did It, Acts 1-3".

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