This is your chance to be immortalised forever on a webpage. Listen to your Halloween tapes (the one you have, the two you have, the six you have), form some sort of opinion on what you hear, write down that formed opinion on your computer, and then e-mail me those type written words. Then, patiently wait for me to add it to this here site, and BAM!, you are immortalised. Comments will be ordered in a first-come, first-served basis, though those of you who find a way to praise the Fall '74 band may be unethically promoted :-).

And the crazy Freaks go....

JOHN W. BUSHER- I think that it would be safe to say that the 1978 Halloween shows were among the most energetic shows Frank ever played. First of all, Vinnie Colaiuta and Patrick O'Hearn kick big gigantic ass. The few shows before Halloween and the Halloween shows themselves are filled with priceless moments from both. Tommy Mars was also in top form, by the way. So many performances from this short lived band are mesmerizing, stellar, I can't even begin to explain how wonderful some of them are. Even the early prototype version of "Packard Goose" that this band played just intrigues me. I don't know why. Everyone get the 78 Halloween run. You won't be disappointed. (Even though they always open with the same few songs.) I think we should all start a petition. I'M SERIOUS. A petition for the ZFT. I am not going to be completely happy until ALL THE HIGHLIGHTS from '78 Halloween are released. That should be the first thing they put out. A 3-CD set. The ZFT has been saying they want interaction on the interne tconcerning the new vault releases. Let's get right to it. Let's get a huge list of names and mail it to the ZFT, telling them, "We want Halloween 1978." I know how much you guys all love Flo & Eddie and the 1984 band. Imagine if they choose THOSE as new vault releases. Get the picture?

GARY TITONE- (Commenting on the 10/27 early show)-> I cannot and will not call this show a weak performance. Every show will not and cannot be on the top of anyones list but this particular show was the first live Zappa show I had attended. I waited 10 long years to see that and I had a great time. The time of my life to that point. Great show in my book....It took quite alot of guts for a 15 year old kid from Queens to get on that train and head down to The Palladium. My memories of that evening are piercing. I had front row center mezzanine seats and I could have swore Frank was staring directly into my eyes during one of his solos. Maybe it was my imagination who knows. I do remember stomping out Disco Organs durning the audience participation time in Yellow Snow and The Dynamic Butch section. From memory Conehead may have had that remulak section that repeated . I have not heard this tape and I do not collect so it's hard for me to think like a tape collector. My memories of the many shows from all the tours from 78' on are wonderful but for quality I generally stick to the released material. There is no way that the tapes that get traded around can reflect what being at those shows were about.[I agree- Foggy] They're great for some sort of nostalgic representation and from what little I've read at your site it makes for helping bring back some of the memories but those tapes don't cut it. Maybe there the best for now and it helps fill a need.