May You Never Fill In The Blanks Again!

In 1988, the "Orange County Lumber Truck" medley ended with "Theme From Lumpy Gravy". At the beginning of this tune, FZ would say, "May you never hear surf music again!" (This is a paraphrase of the final line of "Third Stone From The Sun" by Jimi Hendrix: "And you'll never hear surf music again.") As the tour progressed, the phrase "surf music" was often replaced by a secret word.

surf music 2/10/88 Washington
2/12/88 Upper Darby
2/16/88 Hartford
gospel music 2/28/88 Royal Oak
3/5/88 Cleveland
surf music 3/11/88 Rochester
Albert Gore 3/19/88 Allentown
golden pheasant 3/23/88 Towson
surf music 4/9/88 Bourges
shepherd music 4/14/88 Cologne
surf music 4/16/88 Brighton
4/19/88 London
"Dinah-Moe Humm" 4/27/88 Oslo
polka music 4/29/88 Helsinki
vloerbedekking 5/3/88 Rotterdam (as heard on Make A Jazz Noise Here)
wrong chords 5/11/88 Zurich
"Feelings" 5/14/88 Madrid
moo-aah 5/18/88 Montpellier
cornhole 5/25/88 Mannheim
surf music 6/1/88 Padua

Thanks to Pat Buzby and Desiré Vie.

If know any more (or if you can confirm other shows at which the lyrics were not changed), please let me know.

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