One Size Fits All Star Chart

This is a guide to Cal Schenkel's star chart on the back cover of One Size Fits All. Cal's chart was inspired by National Geographic's map of The Heavens.

Corrections and additions are welcome.

OSFA star map traditional star map significance
Jim & I, the Siamese Twins Gemini
Castoroil Castor
Pollack Pollux
Althea Alhena
Whazat Wasat
Zloty Groszy Polish coins
Drano Draco product used for clearing drains
Rascallion Rastaban
KNARF (uview) [added 1987] Frank spelled backwards, "Echidna's Arf (Of You)"
Grunion Grumium "Grunion Run"
Modus Operandi Nodus Secundus
Dristan Dsiban cold remedy
Lotte Lenya singer/actress, married to Kurt Weill
Gainsayer Gianfar
Coma Bernice, the Plumber Coma Berenices gypsy mutant vacuum cleaner, cf. Chunga's Revenge
Henna Brillo Janet Neville-Ferguson, groupie
Charo Spanish singer/actress
Alpha Romeo Cal's other car
O'Brion Orion
Betelnut Betelgeuse
Beatrice Bellatrix
Nigel Rigel Nigey Lennon?
Airies Aries
Sheraton Sharatan hotel
Hilton hotel
Miro Joan Miró, painter
Ursala Major, the Big Dip Ursa Major, the Big Dipper
Musak Merak
Dublin Dubhe
Alioto Alioth San Francisco mayor
Applecor Alcor
Alcaselzer Alkaid Alka-Seltzer
Ursala Minor, the Little Dip Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper
Zircon the Nose Star Polaris the Pole Star zircon-encrusted tweezers
Yttrium Yildun element, Y 39
Kojac (Kolchek) Kochab Kojak, TV detective show
Silverfish Scorpius
Aunt Letty Antares Cal's aunt
Paula Shaula
Al Surat Alniyat Al Surratt, Blackouts drummer
Agittarius Sagittarius
Chunky Nunki Ilene Rapaport, sang on "Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus"
Novi Novi Novog, violist, rehearsed with FZ, summer 1975
Ernie bassist of Chunky, Novi & Ernie. Cal did their album cover.
Al Nozzle Alnasl
Aquarium Aquarius
Scat Skat
Markspitz swimmer Mark Spitz
Sadalsoar Sadalmelik, Sadalsuud saddle sore
Ali Baba Albali
Leo Limon Leo FZ Songbook illustrator, Cal's '49 Plymouth
Abracadabra Subra
Differential auto part
Algebra Algieba
Regulus Regulus
Fan Belt auto part
Steering Wheel auto part
Algenon Algenubi
Cunard Canis Major French canard 'duck'
Serious Sirius
Wizened Wezen
Rex Begonia ???
Per Diem
Corona Begonia Corona Borealis
Gemma Gemma
David Boötes Boötes, the Herdsman
Arktourist Arcturus
Necta Nekkar
Misogynis Seginus
Pixies Pisces (and/or Pyxis)
Baleen type of whale
Sperm type of whale
Bufo Borealis Bufo the toad (proposed in 1754 by John Hill)
Katy, Texas city
Bufo speciosus Texas toad
Musca Musca, the fly
Muscatel wine variety
Muscateer musketeer
Muscaeeto mosquito
Cancer Cancer crab louse
Cubans Acubens
Thorax, the Bull Taurus
El Nash Alnath We can crash in my Nash ("The Air")
Aldebumen Aldebaran
Virgil Virgo London, Philadelphia, and New York subways
Waterloo London tube stop
Charing Cross London tube stop
Queensway London tube stop
Bayswater London tube stop
Edgware Road London tube stop
Marylebone London tube stop
Houston Euston, London tube stop
Spring Garden St. SEPTA stop
Canal Canal St., New York subway stop
Lenox New York subway line
125th 125 St., New York subway stop
R.Dir.Sig.Lamp rear direction signal lamp, auto part
Acc. Flasher accumulator flasher
Huntingpark Hunting Park, SEPTA stop
Wyoming SEPTA stop
Olney SEPTA stop
Horn Relay auto part
Crux, the Western Cross Crux
D Crux Decrux the crux of the matter (or biscuit)
Ofie Yucas Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder
Ras Perry raspberry
Ras Aldazzl Rasalhague razzle dazzle
Yed On Prior Yed Prior on prior occasion
Savey Sabik
Molybdenum element, Mo 42
Libra Libra
Zubin Mehta Zuben Elgenubi, Zuben Elschemali, Zuben Elakrab, Zuben Elakribi Los Angeles Philharmonic conductor
Capricorn, Gus Goat Capricornus
Yazoo Delta
Atlanta, Ga city
Sal Ammoniac NH4Cl
Sal Hepatica laxative
stray stars
DWEEZIL (auriga Ra6h 46mJ45d47"6') [added 1987] Dweezil Zappa, FZ's son
Willow Gr. Willow Grove, PA, Cal's hometown
Dogess [added 1987] Zappa dog
Acapella a capella
Ahmet [added 1987] Ahmet Zappa, FZ's son
Pinto car
Vega Vega car
Azelfafage Azelfafage
Herbycon Herbie Cohen, FZ's manager
Mochajava black water in this cup here
LALA [added 1987] Lala Sloatman, FZ's niece
PUMPKIN [added 1987] Gail Zappa, FZ's wife
UNIT [added 1987] Moon Zappa, FZ's daughter
(3834) Zappafrank [added 1995] minor planet
Ed Barbar Ed Barbara, spokesman in local tv commercials for Manhattan Furniture. served as master of ceremonies for the Apostrophe parade and appeared on stage with The Mothers at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (8/16/74).
RDNZL [added 1987] song on Studio Tan
HONKULES (galaxy) [added 1987] Honker Home Video
Gorgo [added 1987] Zappa cat
Promiscuous song on Broadway The Hard Way
Alcapone Al Capone
Alison (Wickwire) Warner Brothers art department
Dar Al Zanuck Darryl Zanuck
Hotratz Hot Rats
Borscht beet soup
Laura Warner Brothers art department
Diva [added 1987] Diva Zappa, FZ's daughter

Thanks to Heitor Mendes Pannuti for corrections and additions.

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