A Partial List of Not My Son

as set forth in the nine 1988 performances of "Why Don't You Like Me?"

The following people are not the illegitimate offspring of Michael Jackson:

Abu Nidal Arab terrorist 2/2/88 Albany
2/13/88 Upper Darby
2/14/88 Upper Darby
Ed Koch Mayor of New York City 2/2/88 Albany
2/14/88 Upper Darby
Mario Cuomo Governor of New York State 2/2/88 Albany
Tipper Gore PMRC "founder" 2/2/88 Albany
Henry Kissinger former Secretary Of State 2/4/88 New York
Ed Meese Attorney General 2/4/88 New York
2/17/88 Hartford
2/20/88 Boston
Jeanne Kirkpatrick former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations 2/4/88 New York
3/3/88 Chicago
Alexander Haig former Secretary of State 2/4/88 New York
Senator Arlen Specter R-PA 2/13/88 Upper Darby
2/14/88 Upper Darby
Walid Jumblatt Lebanese Druze leader 2/13/88 Upper Darby
2/25/88 Pittsburgh
Mr. Regular fan Eric Buxton 2/13/88 Upper Darby
Edmund Cohen, Ph.D. author of The Mind of the Bible Believer 2/14/88 Upper Darby
Eric Buxton fan "Mr. Regular" 2/17/88 Hartford
Lyn Nofziger White House Press Secretary & Iran-Contra defendant 2/17/88 Hartford
2/20/88 Boston
2/25/88 Pittsburgh
Michael Deaver White House Deputy Chief of Staff & Iran-Contra defendant 2/17/88 Hartford
2/20/88 Boston
Menachem Begin former Prime Minister of Israel 2/25/88 Pittsburgh
Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams' character in The Empire Strikes Back
and Return Of The Jedi
2/25/88 Pittsburgh
3/3/88 Chicago
Jim Bakker televangelist 2/28/88 Royal Oak
Jerry Falwell televangelist 2/28/88 Royal Oak
Pat Robertson televangelist 2/28/88 Royal Oak
Jimbo Swaggart televangelist 2/28/88 Royal Oak
Bob audience member 3/3/88 Chicago
Arnold Silvestri Chicago lawyer 3/3/88 Chicago

Thanks to Jon Naurin and Marc Rosen.

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