Frank Zappa's Rehearsal Bands

The following musicians rehearsed with Frank Zappa, but left the band before the tour started.

Musician Instruments Approximate dates Approximate band line-up
Buddy Helm drums January or February, 1973 4a
Burleigh Drummond drums January or February, 1973 4a
Robert "Frog" Camarena guitar, vocals June-August, 1975 5b
Novi Novog viola June-August, 1975 5b
Denny Walley slide guitar June-August, 1975 5b
Vinnie Colaiuta drums January-February, 1980 6b
Sinclair Lott drums February or March, 1980 6b
Marty Zevin drums June, 1981 7a
Lisa Popeil keyboards, saxophone, vocals August, 1981 7a
Brad Cole keyboards June, 1984 7b
Tom Freeman drums November-December, 1987 (one rehearsal,
when Chad had to leave for a TV gig)
Howard Kaylan vocals November-December, 1987 7c
Tommy Mars keyboards November-December, 1987 7c
Mark Volman vocals November-December, 1987 7c
Ray White guitar, vocals November-December, 1987 7c

And the following band rehearsed, but the project was canceled when some of the musicians approached FZ for more money.

Musician Instruments Approximate dates
Jeff Berlin bass early 1981
Vinnie Colaiuta drums early 1981
Richard Emmet guitar early 1981
Ed Mann percussion early 1981
Tommy Mars keyboards early 1981
David Ocker clarinet early 1981
Steve Vai guitar early 1981

Band line-ups: 1-Black 2-Dunbar 3-Gordon 4-Humphrey/Thompson 5-Bozzio 6-Colaiuta/Logeman 7-Wackerman
The Planet Of My Dreams