Franku From Utopia

Franku are haiku based on the works of Frank Zappa. As far as I know, the term was coined by Mark J. on in 1997.

One day in May 2007, I decided to render a few of the songs on The Man From Utopia--not one of FZ's most popular albums--as Franku. Within three hours, unable to stop myself, I had written one for each song on the album (plus a couple extra for "The Radio Is Broken") and posted them to affz. In December 2007, I added one for the album as a whole and launched them towards The Planet Of My Dreams.


Frank Zappa's album
The Man From Utopia
Don't get no respect


Cocaine decisions
Will mean that millions elsewhere
Will do it your way


Grow meat over bones
Check shrub'ry on other end
For better pushin'


Arthur "Tink" Barrow
Atomic Paganini
Now move up two frets


Broken radio
Copilot always gets killed
By bad space person


What the botchino?!
Copilot is not the one
Who always gets killed


The cosmos at large
The lovely Lisa Kranston
The meteor storm


Come to think of it
Copilot was killed too in
"Willing Suspension..."


She had a hairbrush
Rubber love and water sports
We are not alone


Dangerous kitchen
Sometimes the milk can hurt you
Smell first, pour later


This is the story:
A funny little fellow
Watch out you big fool


Don't be fool or dope
Let me record my concert
Or I'll write a song


In Albuquerque
Vinnie, Tommy, t-shirt guy
Wore panties on heads


You look like a dork
You eat cheese and other things
Double-dork butt rash


Formerly part of
Mystery Studio Song
Or Furnished Singles

Franku by Charles Ulrich

The Planet Of My Dreams