Tom Slick, Racer

George of the Jungle, ABC, 1967-1968.

Bill Scott: Tom Slick, Gertie Growler
June Foray: Marigold
Paul Frees: Baron Otto Matic
Daws Butler: Clutcher

17 six-minute episodes:

  1. The Bigg Race
  2. Tom Slick and the Monster Rally
  3. The Cupp Cup Race
  4. Dranko the Dragster
  5. Send In a Sub
  6. The Mack Buster Trophy
  7. Snow What
  8. The Great Balloon Race
  9. I've Been Railroaded
  10. Overstocked
  11. The Sneaky Sheik
  12. The Cheap Skate Board Derby
  13. The Double Cross Country Race
  14. The Apple-Less Indian 500
  15. The Irish Cheapstakes
  16. The Badyear Blimp
  17. The Swamp Buggy Race

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