Super Chicken

George of the Jungle, ABC, 1967-1968.

Bill Scott: Super Chicken (Henry Cabot Henhaus III)
Paul Frees: Fred, Narrator
Daws Butler: Most of the villains
June Foray: Female roles in two episodes

Pilot #1, 1960 (soundtrack recorded, but never animated)
Don Knotts: Super Chicken (Nelson G. Cluckefeller)
Louis Nye: Fred
Marvin Miller: Narrator
Bill Scott: Henry Fraud
Mel Blanc: Edsel Fraud

Pilot #2, 1965 (animated, but never televised)
Bill Scott: Super Chicken (Hunt Strongbird, Jr.)
Paul Frees: Fred, Eggs Benedict
Bill Conrad: Narrator

17 six-minute episodes:

  1. One of Our States Is Missing
  2. Super Chicken vs. the Zipper
  3. Rotten Hood
  4. The Oyster
  5. The Elephant Spreader
  6. Merlin Brando
  7. Wild Ralph Hiccup
  8. The Geezer
  9. Salvador Rag Dolly
  10. The Easter Bunny
  11. The Noodle
  12. The Fat Man
  13. Briggs Bad Wolf
  14. The Laundry Man
  15. The Muscle
  16. Dr. Gizmo
  17. The Wild Hair

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