George of the Jungle

George of the Jungle, ABC, 1967-1968.

Bill Scott: George of the Jungle
June Foray: Ursula
Paul Frees: Ape, District Commissioner, Narrator
Daws Butler: Various roles
Hans Conried: Narrator of untelevised pilot

17 six-minute episodes:

  1. The Sultan's Pearl
  2. The Malady Lingers On
  3. Oo-Oo Birds of a Feather
  4. Ungawa, the Gorilla God
  5. Little Scissor
  6. Monkey Business
  7. Next Time, Take the Train
  8. The Desperate Showers
  9. The Treasure of Sarah Madre
  10. The Trouble I've Seed
  11. Dr. Spritzer, I Presume
  12. Rescue Is My Business
  13. Big Flop at the Big Top
  14. The Chi Chi Dog
  15. A Man For All Hunting Seasons
  16. The Forest's Prime Evil
  17. Kings Back-To-Back

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