My Personal FZ Favorites

Not that anyone asked, but here are a few of my personal preferences.

FavoriteLeast Favorite
AlbumBurnt Weeny Sandwich
One Size Fits All
Studio Tan
TourOctober-December 1972 (Petit Wazoo)
October-November 1976 (with Bianca)
Spring-Summer 1973 (with Jean-Luc Ponty and Sal Marquez)
Lead vocalistRay Collins
Ike Willis
High vocalistBob Harris #2
Vocal duoBianca Thornton and Ray White
Studio vocal ensembleBob Harris #2, Thana Harris, Ray White, Ike Willis, Frank Zappa
Live vocal ensembleHoward Kaylan, Mark Volman, Jim "Too Much Heartsick Feeling" Pons, Frank Zappa, and I guess Ian Underwood and sometimes Bob Harris #1 were in there too
GuitaristFrank Zappa
Guitarist other than FZTony Duran
Keyboard playerGeorge Duke
PercussionistRuth Underwood
Other instrumentsviolin (Sugarcane Harris, Jean-Luc Ponty, Eddie Jobson, L. Shankar)
full horn section (Petit Wazoo, 1988)
extra guitars
Song"Oh No"
"Holiday In Berlin"
Longer composition"Revised Music For Guitar And Low Budget Orchestra"
Most versatile tune"Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance"
Signature guitar tune"Black Napkins""Zoot Allures"
Guitar solo vampCarlos Santana Secret Chord Progression ("City Of Tiny Lites")
Robby Krieger Secret Chord Progression ("If Only She Woulda")
"Black Page"
"Black Page"Terry Bozzio's drum soloall subsequent versions
Prurient '70s crowd-pleaser"Titties 'N' Beer""Dinah-Moe Humm"
Section of "Farther Oblivion""Steno Pool""Be-Bop Tango"
Album for identifying true believers Thing Fish
Miscellaneous"For The Young Sophisticate"
"Chunga's Revenge"
"Sleep Dirt"
"Blessed Relief"
"Goblin Girl"
Cruising With Ruben And The Jets
"Easy Meat"
"Let's Move To Cleveland"

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