Fill In The Cleveland

The song eventually released as "Let's Move To Cleveland" has gone by many names. In December 1975 and January 1976, it was performed a handful of times (without lyrics) under the title "Canard Du Jour" (French for "Duck Of The Day"). When this version was released on FZ:OZ, the title was changed to "Canard Toujours" (French for "Duck Always"), presumably to distinguish it from the unrelated jam entitled "Canard Du Jour" on Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar.

In 1980 and 1982, the song was known as "Young And Monde". In 1982, it had the lyrics "So young and monde/So very monde" (as heard on As An Am). Once, FZ announced the title as "Nobody Really Wants To Know What They Put In The Hot Dog" (6/29/82 Linz).

At the beginning of the 1984 tour, the song was known as "Kreeg-ah Bundolo" ("Beware! Kill!" in the language of the Mangani, the great apes in the Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs). Later in the tour, however, the lyrics often changed according to the secret word for the night.

At the concert in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 14, 1984, the lyrics were changed to "Let's move to Cleveland". These lyrics were reused on several occasions, including the concert in Los Angeles on December 23, 1984, one of the sources for the Does Humor Belong In Music? CD.

Having appeared on an album under the title "Let's Move To Cleveland", the song retained those lyrics throughout the 1988 tour.

Canard Du Jour all 1975 and 1976 performances
Young & Monde all 1982 performances
Kreeg-ah Bundolo 7/17/84 Los Angeles
7/21/84 Los Angeles
7/22/84 Los Angeles
most summer 1984 performances
10/25/84 Worcester
11/3/84 (late) Stony Brook
11/9/84 Boston
11/11/84 Norfolk
12/10/84 San Antonio
Ray White On Vocals/Chad Wackerman On Drums/
Scott Thunes On Bass/Allan Zavod On Keyboards/
Bobby Martin On Keyboards/Ike Willis On Vocals
(And Of Course The Mad Italian Buffoon,
And We Hope That We Will Come Back Soon)
8/16/84 Jones Beach
Let's Go To The Whorehouse 9/24/84 (late) London
9/25/84 London
10/6/84 Marseille
Tell 'Em What They Win, Bob 9/30/84 Lyon
Wile E. Coyote 10/3/84 (early) Munich
Right back to you, Bill 10/4/84 Vienna
Let's Go To The Outhouse 10/8/84 Milan
Where's My Vacation? 10/12/84 Viareggio
Ray White Had A Brownout 10/13/84 Padua
Here Comes The Av'lanche/Must Be A Sickler 10/14/84 Rome
He's/I'm Not The Panther 10/16/84 Rome
Pass Me The Dog Food 11/10/84 (late) Upper Darby
Don't Eat The Whalebar 11/13/84 Washington
11/16/84 Buffalo
Let's Move To Cleveland 11/14/84 Cleveland
11/30/84 (late) Sunrise
12/23/84 Universal City
all 1988 performances
Ave Maria 11/18/84 Columbus
I'll Tumble For Ya 11/21/84 (late) Royal Oak
Kiss My Volcano 11/23/84 (late) Chicago
Wowowowowo 12/1/84 St. Petersburg
I'm Not The Bag Boy 12/3/84 (late) New Orleans
Sit On My Faceland 12/4/84 Memphis
Let's Throw A Tantrum 12/8/84 (late) Kansas City
Je Suis Je Suis 12/11/84 Austin
Watch Harold's Footwork 12/12/84 Houston
Don't Use Your Elbow 12/13/84 Dallas
Hi Hi Ho Silver 12/17/84 (late) Seattle
Let's Go Through Customs 12/18/84 (late) Vancouver
No Pink Po-Jamas 12/20/84 Portland
Don't Be A Lawyer
Let's Have More Pants

Thanks to Oscar Bianco, Pat Buzby, Commodius, flambay, Sean Gaffney, Jason "Foggy" Gossard, Glenn Leonard, Chris Maxfield, and Jon Naurin for titles. If you know any others, or if you can provide any of the missing dates, please let me know.

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