Biffy the Elephant Shrew looks at "Little House"

"Little House I Used To Live In" provides an interesting study in Zappa's musical (as opposed to lyrical) conceptual continuity. Zappa shared the same music out among several pieces, known variously as "Little House," "Little House I Used To Live In," "Return Of The Hunchback Duke," "The Return Of The Son Of The Hunchback Duke," "The Duke," "200 Motels" and "Twinkle Tits." Curiously, the original "Little House" (the down beat score) has no musical material in common with the second released version of "Little House I Used To Live In" (from the Fillmore East June 1971 album); the two pieces are linked only insofar as both share material with the intervening Burnt Weeny Sandwich version.

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