Any Kind Of Blanks

According to the lyrics of "Any Kind Of Pain" in the 1988 tour program, "When she's in a bold mood/NUKE-YA-LER sounds good". Nuke-ya-ler is a common mispronunciation of the word nuclear. But this word was rarely sung, as this line quickly became a target for secret wordism.

nuke-ya-ler 2/2/88 Albany
2/4/88 New York
2/5/88 New York
2/6/88 New York
2/8/88 Washington
confinement loaf 2/9/88 Washington (as heard on Broadway The Hard Way)
Idaho 2/10/88 Washington
Robert 2/12/88 Upper Darby
[laugh box] 2/14/88 Upper Darby
tunafish 2/16/88 Hartford
voodoo butter 2/17/88 Hartford
co-log-nuh 2/19/88 Boston
just the tip 2/20/88 Boston
famasio 2/25/88 Pittsburgh
nuke-ya-ler 2/26/88 Royal Oak
prostitute 2/28/88 Royal Oak
3/3/88 Chicago
llama 3/4/88 Chicago
3/5/88 Cleveland
voting 3/6/88 Columbus
nuke-ya-ler 3/9/88 Buffalo
Eric's boots 3/12/88 Burlington
huh, mongoloid 3/13/88 Springfield
King Dong 3/15/88 Portland
The Untouchables 3/16/88 Providence
golden pheasant 3/19/88 Allentown
3/21/88 Syracuse
3/23/88 Towson
je suis 4/9/88 Bourges
waffles 4/10/88 Ghent
Schatzi 4/12/88 Berlin
sodomy 4/14/88 Cologne
No! 4/16/88 Brighton
accuracy 4/19/88 London
stochastic 4/24/88 Bremen
airhose 4/25/88 Copenhagen
Dragonmaster 5/1/88 Stockholm
bdlm-bdlm-bdlm 5/4/88 Rotterdam
segue 5/8/88 Vienna
Paiste 5/11/88 Zürich
raffle 5/17/88 Barcelona
shellfish 5/20/88 Paris
we won't sit down 5/24/88 Stuttgart
cornhole 5/25/88 Mannheim
I'll be back 5/29/88 Graz
...what? 6/2/88 Milan
diarrhea 6/3/88 Turin

Thanks to Pat Buzby, Román García, Pete Harrington, Hasi, Jon Naurin, and Mike Puterbaugh for secret words.

If you have any corrections, or if you know any secret words from elsewhere in this song, please let me know. ("She brings the '80s to a thrilling conclusion" and "Is this a miracle of pure evolution?" are the other two targeted lines.)

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