FZ's 1973/1974 Bands: Personnel

By tour

February-July, 1973 August-September, 1973 October-December, 1973 February-March, 1974 April-May, 1974 June-December, 1974
guitar Frank Zappa
keyboards George Duke
bass Tom Fowler
drums Ralph Humphrey
Chester Thompson
trombone Bruce Fowler
percussion Ruth Underwood Ruth Underwood
saxophone Ian Underwood Napoleon Murphy Brock
trumpet Sal Marquez Walt Fowler
violin Jean-Luc Ponty
guitar Jeff Simmons*
synthesizer Don Preston

*Jeff Simmons was a guest at one of the Roxy shows in December, 1973. [Jeff himself has informed me that "Dummy Up" was recorded at one of the actual concerts, not at a soundcheck/rehearsal.] He was also in the band for the first few gigs of the summer tour, 1974.

For exact dates, doubles, and guest musicians, see the line-up 4 page in the band line-ups section.

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