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A few notes on the standard abbreviations used in these lists :

"Who Needs The Peace Corps" = Who Needs The Peace Corps/I Left My Heart In San Francisco

"Torture/Burt/Torture" = The Torture Never Stops Part 1/"Bonanza" Theme/ Lonesome Cowboy Burt/The Torture Never Stops Part 2

"Packard Goose" = Packard Goose/Royal March From "L'Histoire Du Soldat"/Theme From Bartok's Third Piano Concerto/Packard Goose Reprise

"OCLT Medley" = Let's Make The Water Turn Black/Harry You're A Beast/The Orange County Lumber Truck/Oh No/Theme From Lumpy Gravy

"Texas Motel Medley" = Texas Motel (Norwegian Wood)/Louisiana Hooker With Herpes (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)/Texas Motel (Strawberry Fields Forever)

* = parts released on Broadway the Hard Way

** = parts released on The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life

*** = parts released on Make A Jazz Noise Here

**** = parts released in the YCDTOSA series

***** = parts to be released on Trance Fusion

I am greatly indebted to Den Simms for his research in providing setlists for each show of the tour. Links to reviews will be added as the reviews are written and submitted.

- Pat Buzby

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