Links About The 1988 Tour

PB interviews Mike Keneally

Sadly, I have yet to respond to Mike's request for tapes from the European shows. Maybe someday.

The Mike Keneally Page

This page includes quite a bit of writing from Keneally about his memories of the tour, as well as information about what he's been up to since.

Scott Thunes

On his new website, the bassist and rehearsal director offers his side of the '88 band's story.

Unreleased FZ Lyrics

Román García Albertos' site includes lyrics from songs written for this tour (as well as others) but not performed publicly.

Zappa Alumni

Check Peter Van Laarhoven's alumni pages for commentary from some band members about the '88 tour (notably Ed Mann and Albert Wing).

Muffin Records

This label has released recordings featuring most of the players from this tour, as well as other FZ band alums.

FZ Shows

Jon Naurin and Oscar Bianco's pages including lists of circulating tapes from 1988 and earlier.

We're Only In It For The Touring

This page includes Jason Gossard's thoughts about most of FZ's tours (now including 1988), as well as information about personnel and repertoire.

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