Yours truly, Tyrone Power on guitar

When FZ introduced the members of the rocking teenage combo, he sometimes introduced himself by another person's name. "And I'm your host, Nana Mouskouri."

Larry Mondello Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver's friend (played by Robert "Rusty" Stevens) on Leave It To Beaver. 7/5/70 Minneapolis (as heard on Road Tapes, Venue #3)
Zach Glickman Partner in DiscReet Records. Dion's manager. 11/22/73 (early) New York
11/22/73 (late) New York
12/10/73 (early) Los Angeles (as seen in the Roxy video)
Herb Spar Booking agent. Ran the Fillmore East. 11/22/73 (late) New York
Ron Delsener Concert promoter. Seen backstage in striped scarf in Baby Snakes. 11/22/73 (late) New York
10/13/78 (late) Passaic
Ronnie Hawkins Singer. Covered "Mary Lou" in 1959. 11/23/73 (early) Toronto
Rondo Hatton Horror actor. Played "The Creeper". 11/8/74 (early) Passaic
11/8/74 (late) Passaic
11/9/74 (early) Boston
11/9/74 (late) Boston
9/7/84 Brussels
4/26/88 Lund
Bob Duffey Tim Buckley's tour manager. Mentioned in "Cosmik Debris" on Dub Room Special. 12/31/74 Long Beach
David Cassidy Singer. Mentioned in "Do You Like My New Car?" 10/24/75 Providence
David Bowie Musician. 10/25/75 Passaic
Cecil Kellaway Character actor. Appeared with Tyrone Power in The Luck Of The Irish (1948). 10/29/75 (early) Waterbury
Wendell Willkie Presidential candidate. Lost to FDR in 1940. 10/29/75 (late) Waterbury
Cher Allman Singer then married to Greg Allman. 10/31/75 (early) New York
10/31/75 (late) New York
Tyrone Power Actor. 11/1/75 Williamsburg (as heard on Joe's Menage)
John Smothers FZ's bodyguard. Immortalized in "Dong Work For Yuda". 11/2/75 College Park
Peter Frampton Singer/guitarist. Immortalized in "I Have Been In You". 11/18/75 Ann Arbor
Todd Rundgren Musician. 11/3/75 Philadelphia
11/22/75 Ljubljana
12/26/75 Oakland
1/22/76 Melbourne
Eno Musician. 12/7/75 Hamilton
2/24/78 Eppelheim
Karlheinz Stockhausen Composer. 2/17/76 Cologne
Fillmore Slim Pimp/bluesman. 3/11/76 Offenburg
Ted Nugent Guitarist. Toured with the MOI in 1967. 9/30/77 Detroit
Donnie Osmond Singer. Mentioned in "No Not Now". 11/18/77 Sacramento
Fernando Title character of a hit song by Abba. 2/19/78 (late) Stockholm
Nana Mouskouri Singer. 2/23/78 Münster
Billy Idol Singer.9/11/84 Berlin

Thanks to Amlyn, Biffy The Elephant Shrew, NonFoods, Heitor Mendes Pannuti, and Zach Wegner for contributions. If you know any others, please let me know.

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