The 13th Zappanale organized by the German Arf Society 
started with the unveiling of a brass bust of FZ, now on permanent display in Bad Doberan. 
The Grandmothers finished off the festival with an excellent set of favorites.

Waiting for the unveiling..
MOTHERS written in vegetables as on LP cover

FZ bust ready to be uncovered

FZ gets busted in Bad Doberan

Candy at the FZ bust

Thana Harris

Bob and Thana Harris's son and Nigey Lennon

Ike Willis

Mr and Mrs Jimmy Carl Black

Bunk, unknown, JCB and Roy

Jimmy Carl Black

Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk Gardner, Roy Estrada, Bobby Zappa

Candy Zappa and Mrs (Monica) Jimmy Carl Black

Jimmy Carl works the merchandise table

Miss Pamela, Don, Roy and Bunk

Bunk, Roy and Don at the merchandise table

Don Preston and Miss Pamela

"Right There!"

"No Not Now!"

"In The Sky!"

Bunk, Roy and JCB

Jimmy Carl Black twisting one up

Roy and JCB

Bill Harris and Bob Zappa

Miss Pamela and Jimmy Carl Black in his '200 Motels' vest

Miss Pamela and Jimmy Carl Black

Candy Zappa waiting to go onstage

Candy Zappa sings a rocking 'Let's Make the Water Turn Black'
with the Ed Palermo Big Band

Candy Zappa with The Ed Palermo Big Band

Mike Keneally

Mike Keneally

Ike Willis

Glenn, Don, Jimmy Carl and Mike Keneally!

Hollywood columnist Bill Harris, Peter Mackay, Bobby Zappa

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