"Frank wanted to arrange his piece While You Were Out - a transcribed Guitar Solo - he says that the Unit asked him for While You Were Out, so that's probably true."

Not true. I asked Frank if he would be willing to write a piece for us.

Hell, it worked for David, so I figured I'd give it a try. He said that he couldn't really commit to writing us a whole new piece (no money was changing hands, that's for sure - and I still really appreciate Frank's generosity in this regard), but suggested he would maybe be willing to arrange something for us, preferably one of the guitar transcriptions. I really liked Stucco Homes and suggested that. He said "How about 'While You Were Out'? They're basically the same piece anyway, since they're parts of the same improvisation, but WYWO would work better." So the specific piece was Frank's own choice. I think now, based on all David has said, that he was basically already interested in doing this as a Synclavier piece anyway, and found this a convenient way to give me a piece. The big problem though, was that he didn't like our instrumentation (as I mentioned earlier). The piece as it eventually came out on Jazz From Hell is quite different in many respects. I still like the original best.

As for the title, I remember after I had gotten all the practice tapes David asking me how I felt about it, and I hadn't even noticed it. The tapes were all hand labeled and all I noticed was "Art". I just thought they were all part of a batch of tapes for me, this project, whatever - not a title. I am reminded of it once in a while because "While you were out..." is written on a lot of memo pads, which is where I assumed Frank picked up the phrase.