TOPIC: "At one point there were 5 copyists working for Frank simultaneously. Besides me there was Richard Emmet, Adam Stern, Gene Bowen, Tom Nixon, Art Jarvinen (the "Art" of "While You Were Art" who also did some 2-piano transcriptions of Franks big orchestra pieces and who I'm still in close touch with), and a guy named Lee something (whose last name I've forgotten) - hmm - that's more than 5, I know, but there were never more than 5 at one time."

When I was hired Frank had just fired Adam Stern. He needed work done, and it was more than the staff could keep up with, especially since the guitar book was in production. I replaced Adam. There were also Richard Emmett, David, and Lee Scott. While I was still around he also hired David Izzard. That put the total at five, for at least a while. When Frank called to tell me he had to lay me off he said "Sorry, but my accountant tells me I can't afford to put this much money into my 'classical department'." I don't remember exactly who stayed on after that, but it was those with more seniority than I. I was there for 14 months as a full-timer.