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updated 4/3/08

  • Peter Mackay's photos - of historic FZ landmarks, Hollywood 2000 & 2001 - Also Peter's terrific photos from the Mothers 10/3/68 performance at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen! Zappanale #13 photos are now up! update: RIP Peter Mackay, January 2004, Peter passed away. You will be missed Peter.

  • My Time With Frank Zappa - by Richard Emmet - 2004
  • The David Ocker Internet Interview... David talks at length to members of and myself about Frank Zappa's music and his days of working closely with Frank ... Now includes updates from David's friend, ex-Zappa employee and EAR Unit member Art Jarvinen!

  • Hunchentoot ...some kind of opera by Frank Zappa - sound and stage instructions for the never realized stage production written in 1972.

  • The 1975 Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra A work in progress about one of Zappa's most interesting orchestral endeavors.

  • Pamela Goldsmith - Emailed me about her time working with Frank Zappa and the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra in 1975.

  • Returning soon: Frank Zappa's Hot Rats - interactive This was something I did jointly with Rykodisc and for a while it resided on their page but they let me have it after this idea apparently died. Still pretty cool.

  • Survey for Zappa Vault Releases ..unofficial survey for what Zappa fans would like to see released if something like this ever happens...and the survey results from 11/21/98..

  • A few wish lists ...that have been sent to the Zappa's at their request a few years ago. Also some early consensus ideas about future releases.

  • Original 1972 Warner Brothers Circular

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