Frank Zappa Gig List: 1970

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Shows with SPURIOUS or CANCELED in the Status field did not happen.
Shows with QUESTIONABLE in the Status field or "conflicts with xxx" in the Comments field may not have happened.

Date Line-up Concert recordings
February 2b recordings in circulation
February? 2c no recordings in circulation
March(-April?) 2d recordings in circulation
May 2e recordings in circulation
June-December 2f recordings in circulation
July 25 2g recordings in circulation

DateCityStateCountryVenueShowsStatusOther actsCommentsSources
70/01/ St. Tropez
France Byblos Hotel

FZ jammed with Docdail during MIDEM convention, which ran 01/16-01/23. jampc, cdzt, lpl
70/02/ Los Angeles CA
Thee Experience

Crabby Appleton gmjpc says benefit for Marshall Brevetz. with Beefheart, Sugarcane, and unidentified drummer. but atpc says Thee Experience closed in first week of January. gmjpc, atpc
70/02/08 San Diego CA
Sports Arena
CONFIRMED Love, It's a Beautiful Day, Sweetwater, Penrod date from newspaper ad. bl, jn, fbapc
70/02/09 San Diego CA Sports Arena SPURIOUS
correct date is 70/02/08 kb
70/02/28 San Diego CA Sports Arena SPURIOUS
correct date is 02/08 bl, jn, ns, fbapc, gr
70/03/ Los Angeles CA

which campus? not listed or advertised in LA Free Press. bl, lafp, gr
70/03/ Los Angeles CA
Ash Grove

Sugarcane's obit by Lionel Rolfe mentions venue but no date. lr
70/03/07 Los Angeles CA
Olympic Auditorium
CONFIRMED Johnny Winter, Mountain, Wolfgang newspaper ad. Wolfgang from attendee (not in ad). bl, jn, ns, LAFP, rf, pbpc, gr
70/03/20 Los Angeles CA
Hollywood Palladium
CONFIRMED Mason Williams, Dillards, et al. Pop Expo '71 [sic]. ad. event ran 03/20-29. when did FZ play? bl, rf, LAFP, gr
70/04/ El Monte CA
Legion Stadium
MOI reunion? no listing in LAFP. vd, LAFP, gr
70/04/ Madison WI

MOI reunion? vd, gr
70/04/ Miami FL

MOI reunion? vd, gr
70/04/ Minneapolis MN

no mention in MD. kb says 70/05/, which could be an error for 70/07/05. Article in HF 70/07 mentions 1969 show, but no show earlier in 1970. vd, kb, HF, jampc, MD, gr
70/04/19 Berkeley CA
Community Theater
CONFIRMED Boz Scaggs poster and newspaper listing. bl, gr have 04/18. MOI reunion? billed as FZ and the Hot Rats. bl, fo, mpdpc, pz43, BB, fdi, gr
70/04/26 London UK CANCELED
announced in MM 69/10/25, 69/11/08. orchestral concert to be conducted by Boulez. not advertised or reviewed in IT, nor mentioned in full-page article 4/9-24/70. IT, MM, gr
70/05/05 Appleton WI
Cinderella Ballroom
preview article. rspc, shopc, jwpc, tmpc, APC
70/05/06 Chicago IL
Auditorium Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
ad. not 05/07. bl, kb, rf, RT, gr
70/05/07 Cincinnati OH

or 70/05/11? mentioned without date in preview article in APC. APC
70/05/08-09 New York NY
Fillmore East 2 shows each night CONFIRMED Insect Trust, Sea Train program, poster, newspaper ads, listings, and review. untorn ticket for both early shows; stub for late show 05/09. not 04/19. bl, vd, jn, ns, pz47, frd, kb, NYT, VV, kdpc, gr
70/05/10 Philadelphia PA
Academy Of Music
CONFIRMED Sweet Stavin Chain ads and review. Mother's Day. bl, vd, mpdpc, kb, rf, PD, PFP, DD, gr
70/05/11 New York NY Fillmore East SPURIOUS
no listing in NY Times. correct dates are 05/08-09. jn
70/05/11 San Francisco CA Fillmore West SPURIOUS
correct date is 11/05. frd
70/05/15 Los Angeles CA
Pauley Pavilion, UCLA
numerous ads, previews, reviews. Contempo 70. bl, pz, LAFP, BTB2, LAT, PB, smpc, OT, VNN, NDN, gr
70/05/21 New York NY Fillmore East SPURIOUS
no listing in NY Times. correct dates are 05/08-09. jn, vd, kb, gr
70/06/12 Amsterdam Netherlands Concertgebouw SPURIOUS
correct date is 70/12/06. kb, jlspc
70/06/12 San Antonio TX
Municipal Auditorium
CONFIRMED Love ad. opening act from ad, article (SAEN, 06/08/12), and attendee. bl, jn, jnpc, rf, SAEN, mgzpc, gr
70/06/13 Atlanta GA
Atlanta Stadium
CONFIRMED It's A Beautiful Day, Traffic, Mountain, Allman Brothers The Cosmic Carnival. listing, ads, and review. bl, jbpc, gkpc, GSB, gr
70/06/18 Uddel
Netherlands VPRO TV
not Amsterdam. confirmed by newspaper preview and review. jn, ns, jlspc, dvaffz, gr
70/06/19 Amsterdam
Netherlands Paradiso

unscheduled gig after closing. attendee account in tmd says 3am-6am, no date. attendee fqpc says 06/18 or 06/19. tmd41:20, jlspc, fqpc
70/06/20 London
UK Speakeasy
CONFIRMED Aquila late, presumably unbilled, set, using Aquila's equipment. review. Fr
70/06/24 San Francisco CA Fillmore West SPURIOUS
not advertised. jn, mpdpc, gl, gr
70/06/25 San Rafael CA Pepperland SPURIOUS
correct date is 09/25-26 bl, jn, vd, poster, mpdpc, jnpc, dfpc, gr
70/06/27 Amsterdam Netherlands RAI CANCELED
with 130-piece orchestra. jlspc
70/06/28 Shepton Mallet
UK Bath + West Showground
CONFIRMED Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Moody Blues, Byrds, Santana, Dr. John, Country Joe, Hot Tuna Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music. scheduled for 6:40 pm, but actually played at 2:45 pm. poster. vd, ns, pz, ukrfws, gr
70/07/01 Highland Park IL
Ravinia Outdoor Music Center
Ravinia Festival. ad and preview article. bl, grpc, rf, gr
70/07/03-04 Indianapolis IN
CONFIRMED Jerry Hahn Brotherhood, Coven poster, ad, and review. also mentioned by FZ in Minneapolis interview. bl, rf, HF, bsa, DB, gr
70/07/05 Minneapolis MN
Tyrone Guthrie Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
ad and reviews. bl, HF, rf, gr
70/07/25 Valbonne

CONFIRMED Iron Butterfly, Gong, Amon Duul, et al. Riviera Festival, 07/23-25. billed as Mothers of Invention/Frank Zappa/Jean-Luc Ponty. dgrpc, jpqpc
70/08/07 Los Angeles CA Pauley Pavilion, UCLA SPURIOUS
correct year is 71. vd, gr
70/08/08 Saint Raphael France Stade Municipal CANCELED Pink Floyd, Family, Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Keef Hartley, et al. Pop Festival, 08/08-09. poster lists Frank Zappa + Hots [sic] Rats. gpe says whole festival was canceled (not just PF). crpt lists festival with no indication of cancelation. alleged attendee phpc may actually have attended 07/25 Valbonne. paws, lfrws, phpc, ghpc, dpuws, dgrpc, gpe, crpt
70/08/09 Port Chester NY
Capitol Theatre
CANCELED? Toe Fat, Head Over Heels ads. FZ and the MOI. postponed till 70/10/16? jnpc, VV, jampc, YHS, dgrpc, NYT
70/08/21 Santa Monica CA
Civic Auditorium
CONFIRMED Persuasions ad and review. bl, jn, kb, rf, dgrpc, LAT, gr
70/08/23-26 San Rafael CA Pepperland SPURIOUS
correct dates are 09/25-26 fopc, kb, gr
70/09/ Eugene OR

Flo + Eddie said in interviews that they played Eugene with FZ. same tour as 70/09/17 Spokane. not advertised or listed in ERG. pnpc, ERG
70/09/10 Los Angeles CA Hollywood Bowl SPURIOUS
correct year is 72. vd, gr
70/09/14 San Francisco CA Fillmore West SPURIOUS

kb, mpdpc, AF
70/09/17 Calgary Alberta Canada Jubilee Auditorium

conflicts with Spokane. fopc
70/09/17 Portland OR Coliseum SPURIOUS
correct date is 09/22. correct venue is Lewis + Clark. bl, rf
70/09/17 Spokane WA
CONFIRMED Sleepy John, Notary Sojac ad. also diary of opening act member. attendee dschpc recalls hearing that Jimi Hendrix died (70/09/18) on drive back home. conflicts with Calgary. zapc, sjrpc
70/09/18 Edmonton Alberta Canada Kinsmen Field House
CONFIRMED Jay Caress and Songbird listing. bl, fo, fopc, EJ
70/09/19 Vancouver BC Canada Coliseum
CONFIRMED It's A Beautiful Day, Jay Caress and Songbird ads, listings, and reviews. moved from Gardens Auditorium (2 shows). bl, VS, GS, fopc
70/09/20 Seattle WA
Moore Theater 2 shows CONFIRMED
listings. SPI, ST
70/09/22 Portland OR
Pamplin Sports Arena, Lewis + Clark College 2 shows? CONFIRMED
ad and review. two shows, according to I'm Doomed on PP. rf, WB, PP
70/09/25-26 San Rafael CA
CONFIRMED Tim Buckley, Lisa Kindred poster and tickets for both nights. bl, jn, vd, mpdpc, jnpc, dfpc, pz, frd, gr
70/10/ Appleton WI
Cinderella Ballroom

between 09/19 and 11/04. probably around 10/24. bl, shopc, jwpc, mcbpc, mi
70/10/ Hanover NH
Dartmouth College

date is a guess. before midterms, according to news story about Moses Pendleton '71. hoaffz, hpn
70/10/ Jacksonville FL

between 09/19 and 10/24. reviewed 12/70 with no mention of date. bl, BSN, TRFZB
70/10/ Lake Geneva WI

between 09/19 and 11/04. probably around 10/25. bl, mi
70/10/ Orlando FL
Sports Stadium

70/10/04 San Diego CA
Peterson Gym, San Diego State College
CONFIRMED Head Over Heels ads, preview article, review, and ticket stub. jme, klpc, SDU, DA, jdpc, frd, rompc
70/10/08 San Antonio TX
Memorial Center, Trinity University
listing has Sams Center Gym. jnpc, rdapc, m56eb, jampc, TUT
70/10/09 Tallahassee FL
Tully Gymnasium, Florida State University
CONFIRMED Allman Brothers ad. rf, glspc
70/10/16-17 Port Chester NY
Capitol Theatre
CONFIRMED Frost, Fat ad and listing. 10/17 conflicts with Clinton. jnpc, klpc, Ci, VV
70/10/17 Clinton NY
Hamilton College

conflicts with Port Chester. jamzt, bsa
70/10/18 Boston MA
Boston Tea Party 2 shows CONFIRMED
poster and ad. kkaffz, pz, rf, fdi, taws, gr
70/10/19 Worcester MA
Clark University

J. Geils Band plane trouble coming from Boston delayed Mothers' set and inspired "com-paht-ment" routine. J. Geils played three sets to fill time. tfeaffz
70/10/21 Cincinnati OH
Music Hall
CONFIRMED Sandy Nassan, Balderdash poster and ticket stub. 12th and Elm. opening acts from taws. pz, frd, pnpc, ffeb, wreb, bsa, taws
70/10/22 California PA
Hamer Hall, California State College
CONFIRMED Alive + Kicking, Eric Burdon + War date from preview article on homecoming activities. now California University of Pennsylvania. jd0pc, arpc, UHS
70/10/23 Buffalo NY
Kleinhans Music Hall
at intermission, Ian and George played Mozart piano concerto from memory. not 10/23. ngpc, jampc, TG
70/10/24 Beloit WI
Fieldhouse, Beloit College
date from ticket, poster, and two preview articles. listing for 10/26 in MaK is probably wrong (or misread). bl, mi, MaK, nsspc, BRT, rgspc, jamzt
70/10/25 Minneapolis MN
Depot 2 shows CONFIRMED Flying Burrito Bros. newspaper ad and review. not Tyrone Guthrie Theater, not November. vd, kb, HF, rf
70/10/26 Beloit WI Fieldhouse, Beloit College SPURIOUS
correct date is 10/24. listing for 10/26 in MaK is probably wrong (or misread). bl, mi, MaK, nsspc, BRT, rgspc
70/11/ Dortmund

tape is actually from 71/11/23 Duesseldorf gcpc, gr
70/11/ Buffalo NY SPURIOUS
correct date is 10/23. ngpc, jampc, TG
70/11/ Minneapolis MN Tyrone Guthrie Theater SPURIOUS
correct date is 70/10/25. correct venue is The Depot. vd, kb, HF
70/11/05-07 San Francisco CA
Fillmore West
CONFIRMED Boz Scaggs, Ashton Gardner Dyke newspaper ad, poster, and tickets. bl, vd, mpdpc, gl, jnpc, pz, SFC, frd, gr
70/11/08 San Francisco CA Fillmore West SPURIOUS
FZ/MOI did not play 11/08, just Boz Scaggs and Ashton Gardner Dyke. bl, vd, mpdpc, SFC, jnpc, fdi
70/11/13-14 New York NY
Fillmore East 2 shows each night CONFIRMED Sha Na Na, J. F. Murphy and Free Flowing Salt Joni Mitchell sang with the Mothers at the late show, 11/13. poster, ad, and listings. ticket stubs for late show 11/13 and both shows 11/14. bl, vd, jn, ns, pz46, frd, VV, NYT, gr
70/11/15 Gorham ME
University Of Maine

bprc, tfeczt
70/11/18 Toronto Ontario Canada Massey Hall
ad and reviews. mgapc, TS, GM
70/11/19 Grand Rapids MI
Fountain Street Church 2 shows CONFIRMED string quartet [New World SQ?] ticket stub and church bulletin. jopc, frd, jyhpc, mpapc
70/11/20 Columbus OH
Veterans Memorial Auditorium
kb says 2 shows, but ad lists only one, at 8:30. bl, kb, tzpc, OSUL, gr
70/11/21 Chicago IL
Auditorium Theatre 2 shows? CONFIRMED
ad. WCFL radio flyer is hard to read. attendee says two shows, but ad lists only one. bl, rf, pz138, ripc, gr
70/11/26 Liverpool
UK Mountford Hall
ad and listing. vd, ns, rf, MM, gr
70/11/27 Manchester
UK Free Trade Hall
ads and ticket stub. midnight to 3 a.m. Saturday morning (11/28). jn, ns, kb, rf, mepc, MEN, frd, gr
70/11/29 London
UK Coliseum 2 shows CONFIRMED
ads, listing, and review. jn, ns, kb, rf, MM, MN, nsspc, gr
70/12/ Uddel Belgium SPURIOUS
correct date is 6/18/70. correct country is Netherlands. vd, jlspc, kb, gr
70/12/01 Stockholm
Sweden Konserthuset 2 shows? CONFIRMED
ticket was reproduced in Swedish newspaper article on ticket prices. vd, fo, uhpc, gr
70/12/02 Copenhagen
Denmark K.B.-Hallen
ticket stubs. jn, kb, chcpc, frd, bhdws, gr
70/12/04 Hamburg
Germany Musikhalle
preview article. vd, kb, arpc, S+S, gr
70/12/05 Frankfurt
Germany Kongresshalle
poster, preview article. fo, chpc, arpc, S+S
70/12/06 Amsterdam
Netherlands Concertgebouw 2 shows CONFIRMED
ad, review. jn, jlspc, Alo, gr
70/12/08 Duesseldorf
Germany Rheinhalle
preview article and poster (Total Music Theatre: Michaelangelo's David). not Tonhalle. not 12/05. jn, vd, kb, arpc, S+S, jszpc, gr
70/12/10 Rotterdam
Netherlands De Doelen

vague reference in review of 70/12/06. not 12/14. RPO played De Doelen 12/10, 12/11. fo, jnpc, jlspc, Alo, brpc, grpc
70/12/12 Vienna
Austria Konzerthaus
listing, review, and venue archives. jn, kb, chpc, khws, AZ, gr
70/12/13 Munich
Germany Circus Krone
poster, preview article. vd, kb, chpc, guleb, arpc, S+S, gr
70/12/14 Rotterdam Netherlands De Doelen SPURIOUS
vague reference in review of 70/12/06. not listed in events at De Doelen that week. corrrect date is 12/10. fo, jnpc, jlspc, Alo, brpc, grpc
70/12/15 Paris
France Gaumont Palace

aka Palais Gaumont. jn, ns, kb, gr
70/12/16 Brussels
Belgium Paleis voor Schone Kunsten
circulating portion of bilingual program has date, no location. vd, jnpc, jlspc, kb, bsa, gr
70/12/17 Lille France Capitole CANCELED
cancelation article. vd, kb, paaffz, papc, VDN, gr

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