Album Sources

Trance Fusion

Chunga's Revenge/A Cold Dark Matter/Scratch & Sniff/Trance-Fusion/Gorgo/Soul Polka/After Dinner Smoker/Finding Higg's Boson/Bavarian Sunset
Chunga's Revenge

April 19, London.

A Cold Dark Matter

March 19, Allentown ("Inca Roads" solo).

Scratch & Sniff

April 16, Brighton ("City Of Tiny Lites" solo).


May 24, Stuttgart ("Marqueson's Chicken" solo).


May 1, Stockholm ("Torture" solo).

Soul Polka

March 19, Allentown ("Oh No" solo).

After Dinner Smoker

June 9, Genoa ("Torture" solo).

Finding Higg's Boson

May 8, Vienna ("Hot Plate Heaven" solo).

Bavarian Sunset

May 9, Munich ("Loops" jam w/Dweezil).
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